Hamilton Beach Coffee Makers

Hamilton Beach coffee makers are made by the Hamilton Beach Company, one of the most respected names in small electrical appliances in the United States. The company was founded in the early 1900s when Chester Beach and L.H. Hamilton worked together for a small electrical motor company in Wisconsin. Beach had worked on a lightweight, high-speed motor that could run on either AC or DC power. The two found themselves discussing ideas and coming up with innovations that they’d like to see. It wasn’t long before Hamilton and Beach joined forces and became the Hamilton Beach Manufacturing Company.

The company was actually founded in 1910 when Hamilton, Beach and a third co-worker, Frederick Osius, left the U.S. Standard Electrical Works to form their own company. Osius decided to leave his last name off the company standard because, frankly, he just didn’t like the way it sounded. By 1911, the company had already filed its first patent – for a drink mixer. Not too surprising for a company that has made a big part of its name on high quality electric blenders.

In 1912, the company introduced a home electric motor, cleverly named the Sew-E-Z motor which was used to power sewing machines, fans, grinders, buffers and cake mixers. In 1921, Hamilton Beach introduced a portable household vacuum cleaner that weighed less than ten pounds – an innovation that sadly didn’t carry through to many other manufacturers whose vacuum cleaner models were heavy and clunky well into the 60s.

It was in 1925, though, that the Hamilton Beach company patented and introduced the product that would become one of their signature products forever – the Model A food mixer and juice extractor, which was available in your choice of red or green housing. Over the next four years, they expanded their product line to food mixers, juice extractors, meat grinders, floor polishers and fans.

Over the next 50 years, Hamilton Beach continued to bring innovation to the small appliance marketplace. In 1965, the company won a National Housewares Manufacturers’ Association Design in Housewares award for an electric knife design that featured a hole in the handle for easy gripping. In 1971, their innovation was the Butter-Up popcorn popper that buttered popcorn as it poplled. By the 1980s, Hamilton Beach was such a household name that they were featured in a Saturday Night Live Dan Akroyd skit.

It wasn’t until the 1990s that Hamilton Beach really entered the coffee maker market. In 1990, the Hamilton Beach merged with Proctor-Silex of Richmond, VA, and became the largest manufacturer of small appliances in the United States. The merger also brought in an entire line of Proctor Silex coffee makers. It didn’t take long for Hamilton Beach to apply its Good Thinking to coffee maker innovation. In 1998, Hamilton Beach introduced a coffee maker with a removable water reservoir for easy filling. The company really put on their thinking caps in 2003 and introduced the Hamilton Beach BrewStation Coffeemaker that dispenses hot coffee direct to the cup – no carafe, no spills, no pouring. The BrewStation continues to be one of the most popular Hamilton Beach coffee makers ever.

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  1. Hi, I would like to do a short barista course/training and I was wondering if you offer something that could be suitable for me, given that I don’t have any previous experience. I just want to learn some skills to be able to work in a caffe, and I’ll be so glad if you could help me.
    Thanks and kind regards.

  2. These look like great machines, where can I find one?

    Filter style coffee is still so very populare in North America while in countries such as Australia you do not find filter machines any longer.

    It is amazing that 2 countries so culturally similar have such different tastes – North America with is Filter Coffee culture and Australia with is European Coffee Culture.

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