Hamilton Beach HDC200B Eliminates the Headaches of Brewing

The Hamilton Beach HDC200B literally takes the traditional headache out of brewing coffee. Even expensive coffee makers will have a certain flaw or another to contend with but surprisingly, this machine does a great job making flavorful brews without the unnecessary stress. Whenever I look for a new coffee maker, I always weigh the basic features and any unique benefits the unit offers. There is definitely many reasons to choose the Hamilton Beach HDC200B over pricier models because it is a much better value.

The Hamilton Beach HDC200B
List of Features

  • Cup capacity up to 10 ounces
  • Unique patent-pending holder for pods
  • No carafe necessary
  • Compact and smaller than other models
  • Convenient design for front-access
  • Compatible with standard pods


With the Hamilton Beach HDC200B, you get a generous 10 ounces in just one cup which is more than the average 6 ounces I usually see with similar machines like this one. The unique feature about this coffee maker is the patent-pending pod holder which securely locks the pod to minimize any mess and maximize flavor. This coffee maker is also compatible with most standard pods which mean a wider selection for flavors.

Another beneficial feature of the Hamilton Beach HDC200B coffee maker is the complete elimination of a carafe. Countless times I have accidentally dropped the carafe and had to deal with glass all over the kitchen floor which was extremely dangerous for my young children. But with this coffee maker, I do have to worry at all about this situation repeating itself.

Aside from not having to use a carafe, the Hamilton Beach HDC200B is also the most compact size coffee maker available. This allows for more space on my kitchen counter which is essential when there are many other appliances to position. The design also makes placement easy because the frontal access makes it unnecessary to move the unit just to refill or clean.

Unique Features of the Hamilton Beach HDC200B

  • Smart automatic shut-off
  • Easy to clean brew basket
  • Indicator light when brewing
  • Energy efficiency with 500 watts

Any coffee maker you see these days will offer basic features but the Hamilton Beach HDC200B also offers unique components that make it better than others. I end up saving money and conserving energy with this coffee maker because this coffee maker works efficiently with just 500 watts. Most powerful machines pack much more power but often burn the grounds or pods so it defeats the point of working fast.

Another small but important detail about the Hamilton Beach HDC200B coffee maker is the indicator light. It is easy for me to see when the unit is still brewing without having to walk all the way to the kitchen to check. This tiny yet useful feature helps me to save valuable minutes each day.

The Hamilton Beach HDC200B coffee maker also comes with a durable brewing basket which is well-made and of much better quality than my older machines. Often times, I have to replace my machine because the basket becomes flimsy which causes spills inside the unit. This model however, offers a well-built brewing basket that is also extremely easy to clean by just rinsing.

Should You Buy the Hamilton Beach HDC200B?

While not every coffee maker is for every drinker, the Hamilton Beach HDC200B offers more than you pay for. I usually require my machine to have basic and advanced features and should also be easy to clean and maintain. If features like a unique pod holder, elimination of a carafe, and automatic shut-off are important to you then the Hamilton Beach HDC200B may very well be the perfect coffee maker for you.

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