10 Great Crowd-funded Coffee Projects

The Latest and Greatest In IndieGoGo and Kickstarter Coffee Projects

10 Great Crowd-funded Coffee Projects

The Latest and Greatest In IndieGoGo and Kickstarter Coffee Projects

Some of the best coffee projects we know of got their start on Kickstarter. From the Kone coffee filter to the SPINN coffee brewer, Kickstarter coffee projects are often on the cutting edge of the coffee industry. If you’re looking for innovative, crowd-sourced coffee projects that you can support, here’s a handful of our favorite coffee-related projects currently on Kickstarter, plus a few that got their start on Kickstarter and are now available to buy.

MOKA – The Art of Coffee

As a confirmed Moka pot lover, this one grabbed my attention immediately. Moka pots are ubiquitous in Italy, so it’s no surprise that MOKA comes from a designer based in Italy. Camillo Baldeschi has essentially reimagined the core of the moka pot – the filter funnel that holds the coffee grounds. Baldeschi’s design reshapes the funnel from a flat bottom to an elongated cone. The new shape exposes more of the coffee to water, extracting the flavors more evenly and reducing the amount of grounds needed for a full-flavored cup of coffee. It also uses less energy to heat, and heats faster.

Kohi Flask

The Kohi Flask is more than just a thermos for your hot coffee – it’s a complete portable coffee brewing system. The design allows you to carry your coffee grounds and hot water separately, combining them to brew when you’re ready to drink. To make it even sweeter, it includes two cups, so you can share with a friend. The infuser can also be used to infuse tea or fruit water, and the flask doubles as a refillable takeaway cup, so you can by your takeout coffee without guild about cluttering the environment.

Cold Brew on Tap 2.0

There’s a reason everyone loves cold brew coffee. The flavor is mellow and smooth, and the coffee is considerably lower in acid than coffee brewed with other methods. But, making your own at home can be messy – and the flavor results uncertain. Enter the Cold Brew on Tap 2.0, a home coffee brewer that seems to hit all the pain points of home cold brew. The Mason jar design is kinda adorable – and very trendy – but it’s the details that make this special. First, the fine mesh filter lets the water get at the coffee grounds without letting the coffee grounds into your water. It’s easy to remove and easy to clean. The spigot makes for easy serving, and the jar itself is sized to fit on your refrigerator shelf. To top it all off, it has a wire swing handle for carrying, so it’s ideal for toting your homebrew cold brew to potlucks and barbecues all summer long.

Kelvin Home Coffee Roaster

Home roast your own coffee beans on your countertop. Kelvin isn’t the first home coffee roaster on the market, but it definitely has a sleek style that most of the others are missing. The clear chamber lets you watch your beans roasting, and the timer lets you set the exact roast duration you want. The Kelvin roaster roasts just enough coffee for 4 to 6 cups at a time, but with the promise of 10-minute roast times, that means you can easily roast enough in an hour to last all week. One of the nicest things about the Kelvin coffee roaster, though, is the easy-to-empty chaff collector. If you’ve been roasting in any DIY coffee roaster, the Kelvin is a lovely upgrade.

Hiku: The Premium Hand Coffee Grinder

A good grind is the first step to perfect coffee, and the Hiku coffee grinder from Kanso Coffee is designed to deliver the best possible grind from a hand coffee grinder. The little coffee gadget features a unique burr design that maximizes the burr surface space, so you’re grinding more coffee with each turn of the crank. The stepless grind adjustment ring lets you customize your grind size with precision that’s not usually found in hand grinders – and the design is absolutely on point. It weighs in at less than 2 lbs., and takes up less room than a standard thermos coffee bottle, making it a decent choice for coffee on the go. Fully funded, the Hiku coffee grinder is now available for pre-order.

Oomph Perfect Portable Coffee Maker

Originally funded on Kickstarter, the Oomph Portable Coffee Maker has garnered rave reviews since it went into production. The coffee maker is sort of a cross between an Aeropress and a thermal coffee mug, with a super fine filter, and a couple of design tricks that make it truly unique. We’re particularly impressed with the turbo feature, which stirs the coffee whenever you take a sip, so that the coffee tastes the same from the first sip to the last. It’s easy to clean, and easy to take along. The Oomph is available in blue, black and red from Amazon UK.

Kruve Coffee Sifter Indiegogo

The Kruve Sifter got its start on IndieGoGo, and is now one of Indie’s Marketplace products. It’s a bit on the precious side – a coffee gadget designed for folks that take their coffee very seriously. Those folks understand that a uniform coffee grind produces the best flavors in your coffee – but it’s almost impossible to get that kind of precision fineness with even the best coffee grinder. Enter the Kruve Sifter, with 12 sieves in different sizes. Just fit in the sieve for the size grind you want, pour in your ground coffee, cover and shake. You’ll end up with just the right size coffee grounds for your preferred method of brewing. It also looks pretty classy sitting on your countertop!

The Bruw Filter

All right, kids. Hold onto your hats. I’m kinda in love with this cheapie little coffee gadget – a coffee filter that turns two wide-mouth Mason jars into a cold brew coffee brewer. Put ground coffee and water into one Mason jar, cover it and let it steep for 24 hours. Replace the cover with the Bruw filter and screw a second Mason jar onto the top. Flip it over and wait a minute. Use your own Mason jars, or order a Bruw with jars. And the price can’t be beat.

Nitro King 2 Nitro Cold Brew Maker

Are you in love with nitro cold brew on tap at your favorite coffee house? Do you want that velvety, bubbly coffee experience at home? Then you want the Nitro King 2 nitro cold brew maker. Nitro King delivered on an earlier version last year. The 2018 update is designed to use the newly available N2 pure nitrogen cartridges as opposed to the N20 nitrous oxide capsules that are typically used in whipped cream chargers. The campaign ends in June 2018, with expected shipping dates in September. If you just can’t wait, the original Nitro King is available on Amazon now.

Steepshot Coffee Brewer

Seriously – if Tim Wendleboe likes the coffee, this thing must be pretty good. If you don’t know Wendleboe, just know that he’s racked up so many World Barista Championship titles most people have stopped counting. The premise of this little coffee gadget is simple: coffee brewed under pressure tends to contain more flavor. Steam is a kind of pressure – in fact, it’s the pressure that powers many cheaper “espresso” machines. SteepShot captures the steam from hot water used to brew coffee and uses it to push water through the coffee grounds. The result: coffee that brews fast, and flavorful enough to impress a World Barista Champion. (And the price isn’t bad either.) The SteepShot is expected to ship in the Fall 2018.

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