How Much Caffeine In A Cup Of Coffee, Tea, Cola or Chocolate Bar?

How Much Caffeine In A Cup Of Coffee, Tea, Cola or Chocolate Bar?

How much Caffeine is in your Energy drink?
According to USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference

Popular Energy Drinks and Caffeine Content in Milligrams

Energy DrinksSizeCaffeine in Milligrams
AMP8.4 oz (250 mL)74 mg
AMP, sugar free8 oz75 mg
Red Bull8.3 oz77 mg
RED BULL sugar free8.3 oz74 mg
Rockstar8 oz80 mg
Monster Energy16 oz160 mg
Full Throttle16 oz144 mg
Enviga12 oz (355 ml)100 mg
VAULT Zero sugar free8 oz47 mg
VAULT citrus flavor8 oz19 mg
No Fear8 oz87 mg
No Fear Sugar Free8 oz77 mg

Starbucks Ready-To-Drink Coffee  Products

Starbucks Double Shot (8 oz)Caffeine in Milligrams
Energy + Coffee – Vanilla Light78
Coffee Drink160
Light Coffee Drink160
Energy + Coffee – Coffee78
Energy + Coffee – Mocha78
Energy + Coffee – Vanilla78

How much caffeine is in a bottle or can of Soda?

Caffeine In Soda SizeCaffeine in Milligrams
Coca-Cola12 oz34
Coca-Cola Zero12 oz36
Diet Coke12 oz47
Pepsi MAX12 oz69
Pepsi12 oz38
Diet Pepsi12 oz35
Pepsi Wild Cherry12 oz38
Diet Pepsi Vanilla12 oz38
Dr Pepper12 oz49
Pepsi One12 oz54
Diet Dr Pepper12 oz52
Mountain Dew12 oz54
Diet Mountain Dew12 oz54
Mountain Dew Code Red12 oz54
TaB12 oz47
A&W Cream Soda8 oz20
A&W Diet Cream Soda8 oz15
Ale 8 112 oz37
BAWLS Guarani Soda10 oz65
vBAWLS Cherry10 oz65
BAWLS EXXtra Sugar Free10 oz95
Cheerwine12 oz48
SoBe Energize Citrus Energy8 oz32
SoBe Energize Power Fruit Punch8 oz31
AMP Energy Juice – Orange12 oz (355 ml)121
Starbucks Frappuccino (8 oz) Caffeine in Milligrams
Dark Chocolate Mocha67
Mocha Light67
Vanilla Light81

Brewed Tea

Amount of caffeine in tea SizeCaffeine in Milligrams
Black tea8 oz (240 ml)48 mg
Oolong Tea8 oz30 mg
White Tea8 oz15 mg
Starbucks Tazo Chai Tea16 oz (480 ml)100 mg
Stash Premium Green6 oz (180 mL)26 mg
Green Tea8 oz20 mg
Amount of caffeine in Iced Tea SizeCaffeine in Milligrams
AriZona Green Tea8 oz (480 mL)12 mg
Lipton Brisk Lemon Iced Tea12 oz (355 mL)7 mg
Nestea Iced Tea12 oz (355 mL)12 mg
WENDY’S8 oz19mg
Snapple Plain Unsweetened16 oz (480 mL)18mg

Other data on caffeine:

Amount of caffeine in Caffeine in Milligrams
Cup of coffee90-150 mg
Instant coffee60-80 mg
Tea30-70 mg
Mate25-150 mg
Cola30-45 mg
Chocolate bar30 mg
Stay-awake pill100 mg
Vivarin200 mg
Cold relief tablet30 mg

How Much caffeine in Starbucks VIA?

Amount of caffeine in Caffeine in Milligrams
Starbucks VIA 8 oz180 mg
ChocolateCaffeine in Milligrams
Baking choc, unsweetened, Bakers– 1 oz(28 g)25
German sweet, Bakers — 1 oz (28 g)8
Semi-sweet, Bakers — 1 oz (28 g)13

Choc chips

Bakers — 1/4 cup (43 g)13
German sweet, Bakers — 1/4 cup (43 g)15
Chocolate bar, Cadbury — 1 oz (28 g)15
1.4 oz bar of milk choc.3-10
1.4 oz bar of white choc2-4
1.4 oz. bar of dark choc28
Chocolate milk 8oz8
Chocolate milk 8 oz. glass2-7


Jello Pudding Pops, Choc (47 g)2
Choc mousse from Jell-O mix (95 g)6
Jello choc fudge mousse (86 g)12Chocolate covered espresso bean3-5


3 heaping teaspoons of choc powder mix8
2 tablespoons choc syrup5
1 envelope hot cocoa mix5

Dietary formulas

Ensure, Plus, Choc, Ross Labs — 8 oz (259 g)10
Brazil Bourbons1.20 %
Celebes Kalossi1.22
Colombia Excelso1.37
Colombia Supremo1.37
Ethiopian Harrar-Moka1.13
Guatemala Antigua1.32
Indian Mysore1.37
Jamaican Blue Mtn/Wallensford Estate1.24
Java Estate Kuyumas1.20
Kenya AA1.36
Kona Extra Prime1.32
Mexico Pluma Altura1.17
Mocha Mattari (Yemen)1.01
New Guinea1.30
Panama Organic1.34
Sumatra Mandheling-Lintong1.30
Tanzania Peaberry1.42


Colombia Supremo Dark1.37 %
Espresso Roast1.32
French Roast1.22
Vienna Roast1.27

DECAFS–all @ .02% with Swiss Water Process

Often, people who rapidly reduce their caffeine intake have reported being irritable, finding it tough to concentrate at work, being extra nervous, restless, and feeling sleepy at odd times of the day. Headaches are common, and in extreme cases, nausea and vomiting can occur. At the same time, a major study has found fewer suicides among coffee drinkers than those who abstained from caffeine altogether. So best not to quit your caffeine fix completely, but perhaps you should wean yourself down to a healthy level- slowly.

Most people slowing their caffeine intake say that reducing their daily fix by a rate of 1/2 cup of coffee a day makes the change relatively pain-free. Others count their weekly intake and aim for three to five cups less per week.

Keep a tally of how much coffee you consume it might surprise you and it will definitely come in handy when you decide how to bring your coffee intake back to a healthy level.

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  1. cheryl says

    @Gerard – I don’t agree with you. It’s an old wive’s tale that coffee stunts your growth and I REALLY disagree that caffeine is as dangerous as speed.

  2. Gerard says

    Taylore- yes
    James- I’m from canada timmies xl would like a word
    cap’n J —^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Now for the real reason I commented.. ADD and caffien. I was diagnosed at a young age with ADHD(later changed to ADD). Like Steve says the average prescription is speed but alot of people like myself find it to be too much. The negative repercussions of taking speed on a regular bases is for lack of a better term very bad. Caffeine affects an ADD person differently because ya, could drink half a pot of coffee at 11:30 and fall asleep at midnight. At the same time my it goes the same with any stimulant and ADD. Long story short, caffeine works great but is a physically addictive substance and even though its legal and in everyday life: be careful. It’s known to stunt growth, prevent sleep(as little as one cup could do that), cause “jitters” or tremors that are sometimes incurable(sometimes they just go away), and worst of all its addictive. I love caffeine it helps me regulate my life, but i know its just as dangerous as speed. Take with care and enjoy.

  3. Taylore says

    I had never tried real coffee before until now and it is the best thing that has ever happened to me! The only thing I fear is that it will stunt my growth because I am still at a growing age. Is that true?

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