Hamilton Beach 48465 Brewstation is the Perfect Machine for Heavenly Coffee

The Hamilton Beach 48465 Brewstation Summit Ultra coffee maker does not seem like much just from looking at it so I have my reservations after buying for a great price online. I expected some flaws and compromise in terms of speed and taste but surprisingly, there were none. It was luck that I was able to discover the benefits of having this machine. Compared to my old expensive models, this coffee maker tops them all in the areas of speed and flavor.

The smart design is extremely stylish and coordinates with my kitchen décor perfectly. The housing is all black and silver on the front. The Hamilton Beach 48465 is simplistic but looks very chic and modern. It is also small and compact which makes it easier to make room on my kitchen counter.

Hamilton Beach 48465 Brewstation Summit Ultra 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Features of the Hamilton Beach 48465 Brewstation Summit Ultra

  • No carafe required
  • Easy dispensing with one hand
  • Variety of brewing options
  • Minimizes maintenance

The appearance and price was what caught my attention initially but the features are what confirmed this product is the best one I have found so far.

The Hamilton Beach 48465 comes with options for brewing small batches when necessary. I take advantage of this the most because unless I have guests coming over, I am the only coffee drinker in my household.

This coffee maker is super convenient and minimizes the require maintenance in terms of cleaning. There is no carafe included because there is none required. This means no more drips, spills, or mess on the counter or all over the unit.

This coffee maker also comes with a one-hand dispensing spout which makes it easy to pour a cup when tending to my children. The Hamilton Beach 48465 even offers versatile brewing choices between regular or bold flavors. On a super stressful day, I can easily add a notch to the taste by choosing bold instead of my usual regular strength.

Other Reasons to Buy the Hamilton Beach 48465

  • Makes different types of beverages
  • Automatic shutoff feature
  • Programmable timer for up to 4 hours
  • Insulated tank locks freshness in

The Hamilton Beach 48465 coffee maker is especially unique because it not only makes high quality and delicious hot coffee but iced as well. I have never seen machines in this price range offer this feature and none of my old expensive models had dual functions of brewing hot and cold coffee. This basically means that I got two machines for the price of one.

I am also pleased with the Hamilton Beach 48465 coffee maker because it comes with a programmable timer of up to 4 hours. I often use this feature when I am out for half a day doing grocery shopping and other errands. By the time I return home a couple hours later, I do not have to worry about turning on the unit because I simply set it ahead of time.

When rushing through the many responsibilities I have daily, the Hamilton Beach 48465 helps out by taking care of itself. The built-in tank is insulated which locks in the flavor, freshness, and heat for longer than other models. In addition to keeping the brew fresher, this coffee maker also includes a shutoff feature for the times I do not remember to turn it off.

Final Recommendation for Buyers

In terms of taste, convenience, and price, this coffee maker is by far a better deal than any I have owned before. Before paying a lot of money for an expensive machine, consider how the Hamilton Beach 48465 has many features for a much lower price.

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