DeLonghi EC460 Espresso Maker

I recently purchased a DeLonghi EC460 Espresso Maker and I have to say that I am glad that I did. There is nothing that I hate more than standing in line at the local Starbucks every morning. I am forced to wait for a half an hour only to be rushed through my order and handed a sloppily made espresso that is lukewarm at best.

DeLonghi EC460 Espresso Maker


DeLonghi EC460 Espresso Maker Product Features:

  • Fifteen bars of pump action
  • Boiler made from stainless steel metal
  • One of a kind filter holder
  • Frother capable of espressos or lattes
  • Easy to remove water tank


Once I purchased my DeLonghi EC460 Espresso Maker I said goodbye to overpaying for hastily made coffee and espressos forever. I fell head over heels in love with this model and you will too. The pump action has fifteen bars of pressure backing it up. You can expect a high quality espresso had a dirt cheap price. One of the things that I loved most about making this purchase is that it did not burn a huge whole in my wallet. You would not believe some of the high prices of espresso makers, but this beauty beckoned to my taste buds, my wallet, and it has an eye catching design.

The DeLonghi EC460 Espresso Maker has a long list of features that make it easy to adore. I think one of the best things about it is the filter system. There filter can hold two different attachments. The nozzle to the frother is also very easy to remove, easy to use, and extremely easy to clean. It makes excellent cream for both espressos and lattes. I like that I do not have to spend all morning struggling with the frother to get my morning need for espresso.

There was not a lot of assembly required with the DeLonghi EC460 Espresso Maker either. A few extras also came along with my purchase like a measuring spoon to help make the perfect latte. There were also a few recipes to try in the owner’s manual, which was a nice added perk. I have yet to try the recipes, but I am happy to report that the owner’s manual did not require that you have a PHD to understand it. It was simple to understand and easy to follow. I had my settings programmed into the DeLonghi EC460 Espresso Maker in just a matter of minutes.

The DeLonghi EC460 Espresso Maker I purchased also fits in well with my kitchen. It does not stick out in our kitchen, but instead looks like it has always belonged there. I love serving up espressos and lattes to my family and friends when they come over. Ok, I like any chance that I have to show off my medium priced but of excellent quality DeLonghi EC460 Espresso Maker.

It makes a great way to welcome a visitor into our home. The water tank is easy to remove and easy to clean. I love how large and in charge it is. I also love the sleek and smooth design of the DeLonghi EC460 Espresso Maker. It has style and grace. The stainless steel boiler is also easy to remove and clean. I love how tough this model is as well. The drip tray is removable. It is not complicated to use.

I can have an espresso in my hand before I know it, even when I can barely get my eyes open in the morning. There are a million and one reasons to love this model, but my favorite is by far the price. For the level of quality I got the price was a complete steal. I was thoroughly impressed with this model and would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys great lattes and espressos, even if they are on a budget.

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