Delonghi EC270 15-bar-pump Espresso Machine

I’ll admit I’m something of a newcomer to Espresso Machines – I’ve tended to just muddle along with a Bialetti on the hob, but my brother got me a Delonghi EC270 for Christmas so I’ve been learning my way around it. It was a bit of a steep learning curve at first, but with a bit of trial and error I’ve found this to be a good addition to the kitchen and its rarely packed away now.

Delonghi EC270 15-bar-pump Espresso Machine

Delonghi EC270 15-bar-pump Espresso Machine Product Features:

  • Easily prepares latte and cappuccino with the patented “Cappuccino System” frother. It mixes steam and milk to create a rich, creamy froth for perfect drinks every time
  • Always brew espresso or cappuccino at the perfect temperature with two separate thermostats, which allow for water and steam pressure to be controlled separately
  • Use convenient pods or ground coffee with the patented dual function filter holder. It makes espresso preparation simple and fast
  • Eliminate annoying start-up preparation with the self-priming operation
  • Enjoy delicious espresso for years to come with the durable, high-quality stainless steel boiler and 15 bar pump pressure


The Delonghi EC270 Espresso Machine really is simple to use once it’s all set up. You’ll need to run it through a few times at first to burn off all the protective manufacturing oils but after that it runs sweet as anything. It’s a great little workhorse of a machine. It takes about three or four minutes to get the temperatures up where you need them to be but all you need to do is run a couple of loads of water through it, and then you’re good to go. The pump on the EC270 is also quieter than I expected which is a bonus. There’s nothing worse than trying to have a conversation while sorting out your brew only to have to keep asking the person you’re with to repeat themselves.

You’ve got a choice of using a pre-prepared pod that you can buy from the store, or tamping down your grounds and putting them in the espresso filter manually. I was a little worried that I might be getting locked in with the Delonghi EC270 to using Delonghi products but it will accept any similar sized and shaped pod without complaint, and the espresso grounds tray works fine. I found the plastic tamper a bit fragile, truth be told, but I picked up another one from my local cookery supply store (of all places) that does the trick without my feeling like I was risking breaking anything.

The frother on the Delonghi EC270 is as versatile as you’d expect – if you’ve got a good deep jug for your milk you can either lightly froth it or bury the pipe to give a nice thorough warming through the whole thing. The whole thing is easy to clean off too. The drip tray on the espresso machine just lifts right out for dumping overflow in the sink, and I’ve been quietly grateful for the removable water tank on more than one occasion when the counter’s been a bit busy.

I’ve not had any problems with leaks or mess that I’ve noticed. I’m generally a tidy person anyway so I usually have a cloth to hand to wipe up any spills so if there have been any I’ve probably put it down to me being clumsy rather than any kind of issue with leaks. Given the water capacity on the Delonghi EC270 Espresso Machine, I suspect I’d soon know about it if it happened.

This is a great little machine, far easier to learn to use than I expected and very reliable.

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