Review – Bialetti Hot Chocolate Maker & Milk Frother Makes Delicious Drinks for All Seasons

After reading many different reviews about the Bialetti 07000 hot chocolate maker and using it for a few weeks, it is understandably confusing to determine whether this machine is worth the price or not. There are different factors to consider aside from the basic features that all similar products should have anyway. Other bonus benefits should be present as well but no area is more important than the overall performance of the machine.

Here is an honest overview about the Bialetti 07000 and how it can be a great beverage maker and milk frother.
Bialetti 07000 with Milk Frother

Basic Features

  • Stylish design with chrome accents
  • Rotating paddle maximizes thickness
  • Generous capacity of 32 ounces
  • Automatic shut off switch
  • Timer settings for froth and temperature


The Bialetti 07000 hot chocolate maker is black with chrome accents. This classic design is preferred if you want a more elegant addition to your home or office. The machine has a milk capacity of up to 33 ounces and makes 32 ounces hot or cold chocolate. The Bialetti 07000 is equipped with a rotating paddle that works the entire batch to increase the thickness as you like it.

There is a timer with options to set your preferred amount of froth but also the temperature of the beverage. On a hot day you can enjoy a cold drink but still warm up with a hot cup during the winter. Most machines I have seen and tried do not offer the choices of both. The Bialetti 07000 is essentially two machines in one and saves money from having to buy one that makes cold drinks.

Another basic feature the Bialetti 07000 offers is an automatic shut off switch that recognizes when there is no activity. This helps to save energy but also can keep accidental fires from happening. There are many times when a majority will forget to turn off their appliances this hot chocolate maker takes care of this problem itself.

Price vs. Value

I was able to find a fair price online for the Bialetti 07000 along with free shipping. If it worked like any of my older machines then it definitely would not be worth it. But after using it quite frequently for several weeks straight, there is no difference from the first day I unpacked it. With any beverage maker, having a good amount of options is most important. The Bialetti 07000 makes hot and cold drinks without a decrease in quality whatsoever. Compared to high end models I have had break down within a couple weeks, this machine is definitely worth the buy.

The Good

The great thing about the Bialetti 07000 is that it also froths milk for other beverages that you make like cappuccinos or teas. There are times where I was preparing pudding and realized this machine can also make prepping a breeze. It is ideal to have a product that offers more than just one function. I end up saving money from not having to buy a milk frothing device for my hot chocolate.

The Bad

There has been one incident which is worth mentioning. The only bad feature I have noticed about the Bialetti 07000 hot chocolate maker is that when the lid is not on tight and secure, there will likely be a spill during the process. This is probably due to the power of the machine and the rotating paddle. After one time I left it loose by accident, there was hot chocolate all over the counter but since then I have not experienced any negative issues and am pleased with the Bialetti 07000.

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