Senseo Hd7810 Coffee Maker Review

When Phillips developed the Senseo for the home coffee market, the single serve coffee brewer market was still in its infancy. The Senseo HD7810 single serve coffee brewing system is one of the newest iterations of the Senseo Pod coffee maker. The unique shape and range of colors makes the Senseo HD7810 a definite standout in the single serve coffee maker lineup. The futuristic styling may make you sit up and take notice, but does the Senseo brew coffee as good as it looks sitting on your counter?

Senseo 7810 Single-Serve Gourmet Coffee Machine

According to Consumer Reports, which reviewed single serve and pod coffee makers in January 2009, the Senseo HD7810 ranked third of the nine pod coffee makers reviewed, scoring high marks in convenience, speed and consistency. As for coffee flavor, the Senseo suffers from the same issue that affects nearly all pod and single serve coffee makers – the coffee can be weak for some tastes. The Senseo does offset this negative by making it easy to brew coffee using two standard size coffee pods, making a stronger cup of coffee.

Product Description

The revolutionary SENSEO coffee-making method draws the very best out of the special Douwe Egberts coffee pods. Single-portion coffee pods always ensure the right dosage. The powerful 1450W boiler makes 1 or 2 cups of coffee in less than a minute. Specially developed for SENSEO, the coffee pods are available in a variety of tastes. This means everyone can enjoy their favorite taste at any time of the day.

Product: Senseo HD7810
Type: Pod coffee maker
Size: 13″x 8″x 12
Weight: 8.5 pounds
Features: Removable 50 oz. water reservoir, Brews coffee at two serving settings: 4 oz. and 8 oz., 1450W boiler, makes 1-2 cups of coffee in less than a minute
Uses: 62mm coffee pods, a standard coffee pod size
Includes: single and double pod holder,


The Senseo 7810 is a great looking machine that comes in red, blue, black or white, so it’s easy to find one that looks good on your counter. While the Senseo line of coffees from Douwe Egbert is limited, the coffee pod holder holds standard size coffee pods, greatly expanding the range of coffees available to use with the Senseo. In addition, there is a plastic-mesh reusable pod filter, the MyPod, available which fits the Senseo 7810 perfectly. Unfortunately, there are mixed reviews about coffee made with the MyPod.

Other plusses for the Senseo HD7810 include a low price – it’s often available online for about $50, the price you’d pay for a good drip coffee maker, and ease of use.


In April 2009, Phillips Senseo voluntarily recalled a number of Senseo models, including some Senseo 7810 machines, because of a burn hazard that can occur in certain circumstances. The company is offering replacement coffee makers that do not have the design malfunction. Not all models of the Senseo are affected. The details of the recall are available at the company’s website

The Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for an inexpensive single-serve coffee maker with a wide choice of coffee, the Senseo HD7810 offers a lot of value for the money. The machines that are affected in the recall by Senseo were manufactured in two places during a specific range of dates. If you are considering purchasing a Phillips Senseo HD7810, be sure to check the recall list before you purchase to be certain that it isn’t one of the machines affected.


  1. If the cause of the recall has been remedied, I would like to buy a senseo SL7810/65 black- (one cup) machine. Where can I get one in London Ontario Canada.

  2. I haven’t used many of these single serve coffee makers, and mainly just because they are a little pricy. I might look into this one though, I’ll do a little more research before making that decision though.

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