Keurig B70 Single Cup Brewing System

I’m in my first year of college and moving away from home was a big deal for me. My mom and I used to sit and have coffee together every Saturday morning and talk about my hopes for the future and my latest boyfriend, of course. Saturday mornings belonged to us – just us. Of all the things I miss most, its Saturday. Last Saturday, FedEx showed up on my doorstep at 7:00 in the morning delivering a package from Mom. Mom sent me the Keurig B70 Single Cup Brewing System with a note attached: “Meet you at the window at 8:00 a.m.” This is my first coffee maker and I couldn’t wait to find out what it did.

Keurig B70 Single Cup Brewing System

Product features:

  • Programmable on/off
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • 5 brew size options
  • Adjustable brew temperature
  • Removable 60-oz. water tank
  • One year warranty


I’m not sure if I was anxious to try out my brand new Keurig B70 Single Cup Brewing System because it made me feel grown or because I subconsciously thought it might make Mom feel closer before the appointed time. I woke my roommate with my hopping around – oh well. This was Mom in box. I filled the removable water tank and prepared to choose which coffee I wanted to try. It holds enough water that I could make my coffee and my roommate could make one right behind me without refilling the water. It only took a couple minutes and we both went and sat by our kitchen window waiting for 8:00 a.m.

The Keurig B70 Single Cup Brewing System has a 13” footprint, which makes it ideal for small counter areas. We had to move my roomie’s charging iPad, but other than that it fit right next to the toaster. The blue backlit LCD screen and water tank – both glows just bright enough that when I stumble to the kitchen at night during one of my midnight cram sessions, I get reminded that my mom is encouraging me to create my dreams.

Even though the water tank holds plenty of water, I fill it at night and program it to turn on at 6:00 a.m. When I get out of the shower, my Keurig B70 Single Cup Brewing System and my roommate are both ready for that first morning swig of coffee. I can choose Hazelnut flavored and my roommate can drink French Roast. My roommate says that it’s nice that everyone can have their favorite without having to make several different pots.

The Keurig B70 Single Cup Brewing System has settings that let you adjust the brew temperature. Having no idea why one would want to do that, I asked my personal coffee expert – roomie. She must have taken a course in “coffee” somewhere. She says that the hotter the temperature of the water when it hits the coffee grounds, the better the coffee will be. I tried and didn’t see that much difference but what do I know.

I figured out the other day that I could use the Keurig B70 Single Cup Brewing System to make a cup of instant soup. It might not impress many people, but my cooking skills include instant soup, boiled eggs, and peanut butter sandwiches. I have now added instant oatmeal to my list of recipes. It’s a good thing that I like fresh fruit and salads.

My roommate loves my mom if for no other reason than she really appreciates her gift of the Keurig B70 Single Cup Brewing System. She and I are usually on different schedules with her dashing out ahead of me. She grabs a travel mug of coffee on her way out the door to her first class while I sit sipping on my coffee gazing out the window waiting for Saturday.

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