Senseo Supreme SL7832 Coffee Brewer Overview:

The Senseo Supreme SL7832 manufactured by Senseo Coffee Machines, the coffee machine is sleek and artistic looking. The patented Senseo System delivers you the best coffee on the touch of a button within a minute’s time. The volumetric based coffee dispensing capability lets you choose from an option of a small cup of coffee to a mug of coffee. This is a machine for a single user who loves coffee a lot.

Senseo Supreme SL7832 Single Serve coffee maker

Features of the Coffee Maker:

Pressurized Brewing system:

The patented Pressurized brewing system from Senseo is truly powerful, capable of delivering you a cup of outstanding quality coffee within a minute.

Volumetric based Automatic dispensing:

Six different volumes of coffee can be selected from 3-oz, 4-oz, 5-oz cups and 6-oz, 8-oz and 10-oz mugs depending on the requirement. Just select the volume required and the coffee is delivered on a single press.

Interactive LCD Display:

The interactive LCD display indicates the operations of the machine and the water level in the machine is also indicated in the LCD display. This is a good feature of the machine to indicate all necessary parameters of the machine right from the volume being dispensed to the water level in the tank.

Adjustable Spout:

The outlet spout of the machine is adjustable in order to accommodate from small cups to bigger mugs. The adjustability can be done with ease with just a finger to adjust it to the required level.

Additional Features:

The LCD display has indicative features on heating up, coffee volume, water level and descaling indication. A removable 32-oz water reservoir is truly the biggest in its class. Nearly 18 pods are available for various exotic tastes of Coffee.

Ease of Use, Cleaning and Maintenance:

The usability of the machine is just child’s play. Just a couple of presses to set the volume you desire and you have your coffee along with a frothy layer. The operation of the Senseo Supreme SL7832 is just down to earth. The detachable water reservoir is truly well designed and is dishwasher safe. The descaling feature in the machine indicates when it is meant to be descaled. Nearly all parts of the machine are dishwasher safe.

Problems, Issues and Conundrums with the Senseo Supreme SL7832:

One issue the machine tends to have is that you do not have the varied types of coffee you may wish to have. The strength and aroma of the coffee cannot be varied to a great extent. Some customers have also indicated issue descaling. Though the machine clearly indicates the time of descaling, finding an appropriate descaling agent for the machine is something of a challenge.

Some people complain about the coffee not been hot enough.

Another issue is the cost of the pods to brew a single cup of coffee. The pods are not cheap and a quick bit of arithmetic proves this. But if you want good coffee fast and are willing to pay the extra for speed and convenience then the cost might be worth it to you.

On a scale of 1-10 and personally:

Honestly, it is a little difficult to rate this one. While a simple, almost basic pod coffee maker with a limited choice of beverages, being able to brew a small to large portion is a definite plus, as are the digital controls and descaling light. For what it is, I would give the Senseo Supreme SL7832 machine a solid 8/10 because it makes good café quality coffee fast.

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