Perfect Coffee Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day

A Roundup of Father’s Day Coffee Gifts

Perfect Coffee Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day

If your dad loves coffee, finding Father’s Day gifts can present an interesting challenge – there’s so much coffee paraphernalia available, it can be hard to pick just one thing he’ll really love. Here’s a roundup of our favorite Father’s Day coffee gifts for your caffeinated dad. We’ve broken them out by Dad’s coffee-style, so it’s even easier to find just the right gift for your coffee-loving father.

Five Gift Ideas for the Dad That Mainlines Coffee:

If your dad can’t live without coffee, but his definition of coffee includes anything that’s dark brown and liquid, you’ve got a couple of options. You can try to up his coffee game and introduce him to better coffee, or you can go for a gift that just keeps that coffee coming for him.

A Coffee Subscription to Keep the Coffee Coming

One thing to remember: some people honestly can’t taste the differences in different kinds of coffee – it’s a physical thing – and others just like coffee the way they like their coffee. If your dad is the former, he’ll enjoy whatever coffee you buy for him. If you’re stuck drinking coffee with him, say, when you come for a visit, then by all means, get coffee you love and he’ll love that you thought of him. If, on the other hand, he just likes (what you consider) bad coffee, remember who this gift is for. (Hint: It’s not for you!)

  1. A Keurig and Auto-delivery of K-cups – Why should dad have to trek all the way to the kitchen to refill his cup when you can give him a Keurig that he can put on his desk or workshop bench? Add in recurring delivery, charged to your credit card, of course, for a few months to keep him in his favorite kind of coffee.
  2. Moustache Coffee Club – I mean, just the name, right? Moustache Coffee Club offers really flexible plans, coffee deliveries twice a month, and super-easy gift-giving. You’ll love this one, too – they’re so serious about fresh coffee that they give you a Drink After date, so you never drink coffee before it’s at its best.
  3. Craft Coffee – The coffee subscription that’s designed for folks who drink supermarket coffee. The first step in picking the coffees is to pick a coffee you already like – and then they suggest one of their coffee options. Also, you can’t beat the price!

The Right Coffee Maker

So your dad loves coffee – and drinks LOTS of it? Why not give him a coffee maker that suits the way he drinks coffee? Here are a few tips and a couple of coffee makers that will keep coffee ready for him whenever he wants it.

  1. Don’t Make Him Wait for Coffee. Single serve coffee brewers like the Keurig are nice for making a cup of coffee at a time, but they take a few minutes to brew each cup. When you’re busy, it’s easier to just grab the pot and pour another cup. Go for an 8- or 12-cup coffee maker so he only has to make it once.
  2. Choose a Coffee Maker with a Thermal Carafe. Burnt coffee is nasty. A thermal carafe keeps coffee at drinking temperature for hours after it’s brewed, without changing the flavor.
  3. Or, Choose a Coffee Maker That Dispenses Coffee One Cup at a Time. Some coffee makers brew the coffee into an internal carafe, where it stays warm until you’re ready to drink it. At that point, you just put your mug under the spigot to fill your cup, and walk away with your caffeine fix.

Five Gifts for the Dad That Appreciates Good Coffee

If your father is one of those guys who knows he prefers Guatemalan coffee to Kenyan, and understands roast dates, you’ll need to be a little more sophisticated in your coffee gift-giving. A coffee gift subscription to one of the better services is ideal – Moustache Club and Craft Coffee are superb ideas. You could also choose a gift that improves his coffee game, or one that just makes it clear that you know how important his coffee is to his life.

  • A great book about coffee: we’re particularly fond of The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee, The Art and Craft of Coffee, and God in a Cup: The Obsessive Quest for Perfect Coffee.
  • Hook him up with cutting edge coffee design – fund a coffee Kickstarter in his name. A few of our favorite projects right now: Kelvin Home Coffee Roaster, Moka – The Art of Coffee, and the Kohi Coffee Flask.
  • Check out your local coffee houses for coffee-themed events – coffee tasting, coffee cupping events, and coffee classes that will help him boost his coffee game. A particular favorite: Counter Culture Coffee offers regular classes and events at all of their regional training centers.
  • If your dad likes to take trips off the beaten path, gift him with a travel coffee kit so he can enjoy his favorite brew on the go. We’re pretty taken with the Romaunt, an all in one package that combines a manual grinder, coffee filter, brewer, and two cups.
  • Check in with your dad and see if there’s a coffee accessory he’s been obsessing about. Father’s Day is a great time to grab all your sibs to pitch in for that pricey coffee brewer (hello, MoccaMaster) or prosumer coffee grinder.

Five Coffee Gifts for the Mad Scientist Dad

Some dads just love to tinker and mess with exotic coffee equipment. For that dad, look into techie gear – connected or not – that lets him indulge in his experimental side.

  1. Home coffee roasting is one of the hottest, growing trends. You can start him off cheap with a popcorn popper, or go for all the bells and whistles on a fluid bed home coffee roaster. A nice in-between at a reasonable price: the Nesco Coffee Bean Roaster.
  2. Appeal to dad’s scientific showoff traits with a siphon brewer. If you really want to go all out, check out a luxury balance siphon brewer, fitted out in your choice of metal and wood.
  3. Real coffee geeks know that the best way to measure your coffee for brewing is with a scale. For dads who like doing hand-poured drip coffee, look for a scale with a wide platform that will support a carafe or mug.
  4. In a high tech world, the Aeropress is decidedly low-tech, but it inspires more experimentation than just about any other coffee maker in existence. You just might start your dad off on a quest to become the next Aeropress world champion.
  5. Cold brewing coffee can be as simple as dumping ground coffee and water into a pitcher and letting it sit – but what’s the fun in that? Indulge dad’s scientific bent with a Japanese cold brew tower that lets him fiddle with drip rates – and looks awesome sitting on a table.


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