Coffee As A Gift Idea – Great Coffee Gifts for the Coffee Lovers on Your List

Coffee As A Gift Idea – Great Coffee Gifts for the Coffee Lovers on Your List

Is there a coffee lover – or several of them – on your gift list? You’ll never have trouble finding great gifts for people who love coffee. Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift, a gift for an anniversary or even a wedding gift, coffee gifts are almost certain to be appreciated. Even better, you’ll find coffee gifts in just about any price range to suit your budget. From coffee mugs to state of the art coffee centers, here are some great coffee gifts to please the coffee lovers on your list.

Coffee Gifts $5 and Under

Coffee Mugs make wonderful gifts for just about any occasion. Need a gift for a special teacher at the end of the year? A coffee mug that reads “A+ Teacher” will fit the bill nicely. If you shop wisely – say, hit the buck-for-everything store – you can pick up a great coffee mug, and still have enough left over to tuck a few bags of her favorite candy into the mug.

Along the same lines, pick up a travel coffee mug for your favorite commuter. Insulated and designed to fit a standard beverage holder in most cars, you’ll find a wide selection of travel mugs to choose from. My personal favorites have no handle – just a great rubber thumb pad on either side, and a recessed rim to keep the coffee from dribbling down my front. They were 3 for $10 at my local Walgreens – at that price, I picked up a full set in three different colors.

Got a real coffee gourmet on your gift list? Add an extra touch of luxury to their morning coffee routine with a sterling silver coffee scoop so that they always measure out the perfect amount of coffee. Have it engraved for free with a personal message and they’ll think of you every morning.

Coffee Gifts Up to $20

Assemble a gourmet coffee gift of your own. Choose two or three packages of gourmet coffee blends in pretty wrappings and tuck them into a basket along with a coffee mug.

Pick up a steam moka pot. These are the traditional Italian method of making coffee – stainless steel pots that make your coffee on the stovetop. You can pick them up in most small groceries for about $10-$12, which leaves you enough to add a half pound of gourmet coffee to your gift.

Get them into the daily grind. You can pick up an inexpensive bladed coffee grinder for about $20. A true espresso gourmet might turn up their nose – but most coffee drinkers will love the luxury of drinking fresh ground. It’s a great and unexpected gift for a student who is just setting up house for themselves for the first time, or for a couple as a wedding or shower gift.

For the really serious coffee lover, pick up a pound of real Hawaiian Kona or Jamaican Blue coffee. These pricey blends are the champagne of the coffee world, and will run you about $10-15 per half pound bag. If you really want to impress, make it peaberry coffee – coffee made only from coffee beans that grew one stone instead of the usual two. You’ll pay a premium, but most coffee gourmets will tell you that it’s well worth it.

Coffee Gifts Under $50

If you don’t have the time to assemble one yourself, you can pick up a wide variety of coffee gift baskets for $25-$50 – and have them hand delivered. Look for coffee gift baskets that contain something unique or unexpected – a pair of his and hers coffee mugs for newlyweds, a half pound of chocolate covered espresso beans for a friend with a yen for chocolate or a French Press coffee maker with a pound of gourmet coffee.

An inexpensive steam coffee maker is another of those coffee gifts that’s perfect for the beginning coffee afficionado on your list. The price on steam coffee makers has really tumbled over the past few years as more and more people are deciding to save the money they spend on Starbucks cappucino and make their own at home. For about $35, you can buy a very decent coffee maker with a steam wand to froth milk.

Buy your coffee lover the gift of a new experience. Pick up an old-fashioned stove top popcorn popper – the kind with the crank on the lid to keep the kernels from burning. Tuck a bag of raw green coffee beans from a roasting house inside, and attach a copy of our instruction on how to roast your own coffee at home.

Coffee Gifts That Really Say You Care

Want to wow the wedding couple? Buy them a real espresso maker and burr grinder. Depending on the brand, you can buy an espresso maker and burr grinder pair for $300-$500 new – less if you’re willing to shop around on the auction sites. Or – skip the machinery and get them a gift subscription to a gourmet coffee club. They’ll be treated to a different gourmet coffee from around the world each month for a year.

Coffee As A Gift Idea – Coffee Gift Guide.


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