Coffee May Reduce Inflammation Associated with Type 2 Diabetes


Doctors and researchers have known for quite some time that people who drink coffee have a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes as they get older. Regular coffee drinkers also seem to have a reduced risk of chronic hypertension, coronary disease and memory loss associated with aging. A recently released study just may offer READ MORE

Drink to Your Health – 8 Ways Coffee Improves Your Health

8 Ways Coffee Improves Your Health

Earlier this year, the U.S. Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee released new guidelines suggesting that drinking coffee is good for your health. While many doctors still have concerns about coffee consumption, the overwhelming amount of research suggests that America’s favorite beverage is good for you in a number of ways. Here are just 8 ways that READ MORE

New Coffee Study: Drink Coffee Before Workout to Increase Fat Burn

drinking coffee before working out increases the amount of fat you burn during - and after - your workout.

Coffee-loving sports enthusiasts, listen up! It’s no big secret that caffeine can boost your workout potential. Caffeine’s energy boost is so well known that the International Olympics Committee considers it a performance-enhancing drug, and limits how much caffeine can be present in an athlete’s urine before the risk of disqualification kicks in. Now, scientists in READ MORE

10 Cold Brew Coffee Cocktails


It was only a matter of time before cold brew coffee became the main ingredient in signature cocktails. As trendy bars and restaurants around the country install taps to dispense this summer’s trendiest coffee variant – nitro coffee, cold-brewed and infused with nitrogen for a velvety pour – it was inevitable that many of them READ MORE

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee – The Latest Cold Coffee Trend


Get ready for the newest twist on coffee to come to your town. A couple of years back, it was hand-dripped coffee, prepared in a delicious ritual. Last year, cold-brewed coffee made the rounds, with all the big coffee players introducing their own versions of coffee brewed without the application of heat. This summer, be READ MORE

Regular Coffee Intake May Help Manage Stress


Life got you stressed? If the newest research into coffee and stress proves to be true, your doctor may just start recommending that you have another cup of coffee. In fact, according to a short article at Business Insider, “a healthy caffeine habit could actually help you stay calm in some harrowing situations.” Researchers from READ MORE

How To Prevent Coffee Stains on Teeth


You may love your coffee, but your teeth aren’t quite as fond of your morning cup of joe. Coffee is highly acidic. Over time, the acids in coffee can wear away the enamel and make your teeth prone to damage and decay. While long-term damage and decay is bad, the part that really gets to READ MORE

Coffee Spending Up, Consumption Down

According to the latest report from the USDA, coffee consumption is dropping for the first time in years.

Consumption is dropping for the first time in years, according to the latest report from the USDA. The annual report notes that coffee consumption in the U.S. will drop from 24 million 60kg bags to 23.7 million 60kg bags over the course of 2015-16. This marks the first decline in U.S. coffee consumption since 2009-10, READ MORE

Keeping Coffee Cheap by Exploiting Coffee Pickers


Colombia, one of the world’s biggest coffee producers, is facing a coffee crisis. This time, it’s not coffee rust or climate change that’s causing it. Instead, it’s good news for the country’s workers – plenty of work that pays better than picking coffee. Over the past few years, the unemployment rate has been steadily dropping READ MORE

Coffee Protects Liver New Study Says


Why does a Canadian specialist recommend that his patients with liver disease drink at least two or three cups of coffee a day? The answer lies in a recent study into the effects of coffee on the liver. The study, Over the past 20 years, researchers have been uncovering evidence that coffee has protective effects READ MORE