Coffee: Nutritional Facts

What are you actually getting when you drink a cup of coffee? A jolt of caffeine, of course – even decaf has a little caffeine in it – but what about the other constituents of coffee? A cup of java contains quite a number of nutrients, it turns out. Check out our quick overview of READ MORE

Last Minute Coffee Gifts Sure to Please Any Coffee Lover

buying holiday gifts? These coffee gifts will save you time and money

Christmas just seemed to creep up out of nowhere this year. If you procrastinated on buying holiday gifts until the very last minute, we’ve got you covered. These coffee gifts will make you look like a gift-giving angel on Christmas morning, even if you really did wait until the very last minute! Coffee Subscriptions Coffee READ MORE

The Coolest Coffee Gadgets on Those Cool Coffee Gear Lists

Cool Coffee Gear Lists

Buzzfeed – it even sounds like a cool coffee site, even though it’s not. It does, however, post lots of coffee-related listicles and articles, and I’d be lying if I said I don’t read them. Sometimes, they unearth some pretty cool coffee gadgets. More often than not, though, I get sucked into clicking a link READ MORE

Canadian Coffee Shop Guide

It’s not that Canadians do coffee differently than the rest of the world, but they do tend to put their own twist on international espresso and coffee drinks. If you’re wondering about the difference between a mocha breve and a mocha or a flat white and a latte, this quick cheat sheet to coffee drinks READ MORE

The Very Best Coffee Makers (So Far) of 2016

Looking for a new coffee maker? Before you plunk down a single dollar, flip through our list of the best coffee makers of 2016 – so far. No matter how you like your coffee, you’re bound to find a coffee maker that suits your needs on our round up of high quality coffee brewers that READ MORE

Mother’s Day Gifts for Coffee Obsessed Moms

mothers day gift ideas for coffee lovers

Ah, Mothers’ Day – the time of year when kids of coffee-loving moms go out in search of that mythical perfect coffee gift for mother – and invariably come home with another coffee mug or T-shirt reading, “My blood type is coffee.” They’re cute enough – but you know you only picked them because you READ MORE

What Happens When You Mix Coffee and Pot?

Cannabis-infused coffee -not what you may think

What happens when you mix coffee with pot? While there’s been little research to back it up yet, some experts are warning that drinking cannabis-infused coffee may not give you quite the mellow buzz you’re expecting. Since several of the states started legalizing marijuana sales, the list of edible pot goodies has been growing. It READ MORE

Coffee Is a Noxious Weed in Queensland

While farmers in much of the world work hard to increase the yield of coffee by various methods, including increasing the number of coffee plants that can grow in a small area, a group of Queensland, Australia conservationists are working hard to reduce the number of coffee plants encroaching on native plants. The Tablelands National READ MORE

Midmorning May Be the Best Time for a Coffee Break Study Says

A recent study from the Journal of Applied Psychology sheds a lot of light on the importance of the mid-morning coffee break – as well as the mid-afternoon walk break and other short breaks during the day. Research doctors Emily Hunter and Cindy Wu surveyed 95 employees over the course of a five-day work week, READ MORE

Healthy Choices at the Coffee Shop

Healthy Choices at the Coffee Shop

Mmm… coffee! Yummy sweet coffee drinks and frappuccinos, flavored lattes and so many other tempting coffee drink choices – sometimes the menu at the coffee shop looks more like a dessert menu than a list of coffees. And while study after study has suggested that drinking coffee is actually good for you, nearly every single READ MORE

10 Things Coffee Drinkers Do Better

coffee drinkers are smarter than non coffee drinker

Drinking coffee makes you happier, healthier, wealthier and eminently cooler. For the past several years, scientists have been telling us about the health benefits of drinking coffee. The fact that coffee seems to prevent so many diseases is definitely great news for coffee drinkers, but those health announcements have dwarfed some of the other benefits READ MORE

Save Money on Coffee

Is your latte habit draining your bank account? With the cost of a specialty coffee at your favorite coffee shop rising, your coffee habit can hit your pocketbook hard. From making your own at home to stacking discounts at the coffee shop, there are ways to enjoy your coffee for less. Check out these five READ MORE

Ethiopian Coffee Culture

Ethiopia is fairly unusual among the coffee growing nations in that it is one of very few that actually is a major consumer of its own products. In fact, coffee is an integral part of daily life for most Ethiopians, and the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony is still a daily ritual in many homes and READ MORE