How to Brew Coffee in a Siphon Coffee Brewer


Siphon coffee brewers are enjoying a new reign of popularity, and why not? They look like something that should be sitting in a sleek laboratory and make coffee that’s velvety smooth, rich and delicious. First invented in the 1850s, siphon brewers enjoyed top popularity status for about 75 years before being supplanted by percolators as READ MORE

Best Time to Drink Coffee


Do you roll over in the morning and immediately reach for a cup of coffee? If so, a handful of researchers suggest that you’re using coffee the wrong way. According to a few research studies over the past 11 years, coffee drinkers aren’t doing themselves any favors when they drink coffee first thing in the READ MORE

What Your Coffee Maker Says About You – Coffee Personality

What Your Coffee Maker Says About You

Used to be, no kitchen was complete without a percolator. Then Mr. Coffee happened, and the coffee industry evolved — very quickly, in fact. Before long, there were dozens of electric automatic drip coffee makers on the market, and they could be had bog-cheap. And it kept on evolving. As coffee drinkers branched out from READ MORE

Best Coffee Grinders Under $200

best-coffee-grinders-under-200 If you want to improve your coffee, invest in the best coffee grinder you can afford.

If you want to improve your coffee, say java experts, upgrade your coffee grinder. Fresh ground coffee is an incredible improvement over brick or canned coffee that you buy already pre-ground. It’s one of the biggest reasons that coffee shop coffee so often tastes better than any coffee you brew at home. While any coffee READ MORE

Why You Should Weigh Your Coffee

SCAA-The-Event-2014-Best-New-Coffee-Products Acaia Coffee Scale - via

If you frequent coffee discussion groups — especially those that focus on espresso drinks — you’ll quickly notice that they talk about coffee measurements in grams rather than tablespoons. While weighing your coffee may seem like a pretension, there are some very sound reasons for using weight instead of volume to measure the amount of READ MORE

Our Favorite Mainstream Coffee Choices

Our-Favorite-Mainstream-Coffee-Choices Favorite Mainstream Coffee Choices

While it may sometimes seem that Maxwell House and Folgers have a lock on the coffee aisle, your local supermarket actually offers some great choices if you want a little more flavor and variety in your cup. Most cost a little more than the international brand names, and less than the pricey café brands. The READ MORE

Five Coffee Recipes to Spice Up Your Holiday Table


If all you’ve ever done with your coffee is sip it from a cup, you’re missing out on some of the best flavors and qualities of the noble java bean. Just as some countries have wonderful recipes using cacao that go far beyond milk chocolate, there have always been cuisines that make use of coffee READ MORE

Coffee Kickstarters – Hot New Crowd-sourced Coffee Projects


Coffee and Kickstarter seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. From the very start, coffee-preneurs have taken to Kickstarter and other crowd-source funding platforms to raise capital for their java-related projects. From the Able Kone to the new Arist coffee brewer, many of the best coffee innovations have been crowd-funded. Check out some READ MORE

Top Five Budget-Friendly Espresso Machines

Five Budget-Friendly Espresso Machines

A high-quality espresso machine can be a pricey proposition, but you don’t have to lay out a fortune to pull a decent shot. If your main goal is to make your own espressos, lattes and cappuccinos at home, these sub-$200 machines will suit your palate and your budget. No one is going to win the READ MORE

Is Shade Grown Coffee Good for the Birds?

Why You Should Buy Shade Grown Coffee image by Marshal Hedin All rights reserved Shade-grown coffee is good for the birds - image copyright Marshal Hedin via

In a word, yes. Shade-grown coffee is for the birds — and the bugs, and the animals, and the environment as a whole. The answer is actually a lot more complex than that, though, and it involves knowing exactly what “shade-grown” coffee is, how the term can be deceptive and why it’s important for coffee READ MORE