Best Coffee Grinders Under $200

best-coffee-grinders-under-200 If you want to improve your coffee, invest in the best coffee grinder you can afford.

Our Criteria Because bladed coffee “grinders” – more properly, choppers – deliver unevenly ground coffee and actually detract from coffee flavor, we confined our best coffee grinders list to burr grinders. We included flat burr and conical burr grinders, including those with steel or ceramic burrs. We also set a high price limit of $200, READ MORE

Why You Should Weigh Your Coffee

SCAA-The-Event-2014-Best-New-Coffee-Products Acaia Coffee Scale - via

What’s the Difference Between a Tablespoon and a Gram? The difference between a tablespoon and a gram is pretty obvious — one is a measure of volume and the other is a measure of weight. In general — and nearly always in particular — weight is a more accurate measure than volume because weight does READ MORE

Our Favorite Mainstream Coffee Choices

Our-Favorite-Mainstream-Coffee-Choices Favorite Mainstream Coffee Choices

The next time you’re looking for something a little different in your morning mug, try one of these easily available supermarket coffees that are better than your standard tinned ground coffee. Eight O’Clock Coffee One of the oldest coffee companies in the nation, Eight O’Clock has enjoyed a popular resurgence in recent years. It’s one READ MORE

Five Coffee Recipes to Spice Up Your Holiday Table


From sumptuous desserts to savory meat rubs and gravies, coffee is an ingredient deserving of a place on your holiday table. If you’re looking for a different twist this year, try out one of these delicious coffee recipes,gathered from around the Internet and tested in our own kitchens. For Breakfast: Coffee-Maple Glazed Bacon Developed by READ MORE

Coffee Kickstarters – Hot New Crowd-sourced Coffee Projects


The co-op currently contracts with U.S. companies to roast coffee before shipping it out to customers. A new coffee roasting machine will allow Pachamama to bring coffee roasting in-house, so they can control their coffee from seed to cup . As of this writing, the Kickstarter is on track to meet its funding goal. Hot READ MORE

Top Five Budget-Friendly Espresso Machines

Five Budget-Friendly Espresso Machines

Our Criteria: In putting together our list of budget-friendly espresso machines, we looked for espresso makers that cost less than $200, are powered by a 15-bar pump and, since most people want to make lattes and cappuccinos, are equipped with a steam wand. We included both machines that we’ve used personally and machines that have READ MORE

Is Shade Grown Coffee Good for the Birds?

Why You Should Buy Shade Grown Coffee image by Marshal Hedin All rights reserved Shade-grown coffee is good for the birds - image copyright Marshal Hedin via

Why Is Shade-Grown Coffee a Thing? Shade-grown has become a big buzzword in the specialty coffee industry. It’s used to describe coffee that is grown under a canopy of other trees. In a completely natural world, this wouldn’t even be a designation. It’s how coffee trees normally grow – as part of a diverse verticulture READ MORE

Cooking with Coffee – Savory Dishes

Cooking with Coffee – Savory Dishes -image @ Choo Yut Shing

Coffee Is a Tenderizer Coffee contains a whole raft of acids, including citric acid and malic acid, which are often used in meat tenderizers. When you use coffee in a marinade or meat rub, those acids start breaking down the tissues, making the meat more tender. Coffee Is a Flavor Enhancer Coffee contains more than READ MORE

The Three Coffee Waves – Pretension or Evolution?

Three-Coffee-Waves- Coffee is more than a caffeine delivery system - image copyright Thomas via

Coffee is coffee. As long as it’s drinkable, it’s all good. They’re the coffee drinkers who can’t imagine paying $7 a pound for coffee, let alone the $20+ that some specialty coffees command. And then there are the diehard coffee fanatics who will tell you – and tell you and tell you – that professional READ MORE

Coffee Graduation Gifts

perfect gift for the graduate

Coffee Gift Idea Coffee Graduation Gifts for the College Bound Grad Coffee may be readily available on campus during standard classtime hours, but what’s a studious academic to do to fuel late-night study sessions? That’s when they’ll really appreciate a dorm-room coffee making set up. Consider one of these DIY graduation coffee gift sets that READ MORE