Healthy Choices at the Coffee Shop


Mmm… coffee! Yummy sweet coffee drinks and frappuccinos, flavored lattes and so many other tempting coffee drink choices – sometimes the menu at the coffee shop looks more like a dessert menu than a list of coffees. And while study after study has suggested that drinking coffee is actually good for you, nearly every single READ MORE

10 Things Coffee Drinkers Do Better

coffee drinkers are smarter than non coffee drinker

Drinking coffee makes you happier, healthier, wealthier and eminently cooler. For the past several years, scientists have been telling us about the health benefits of drinking coffee. The fact that coffee seems to prevent so many diseases is definitely great news for coffee drinkers, but those health announcements have dwarfed some of the other benefits READ MORE

Save Money on Coffee


Is your latte habit draining your bank account? With the cost of a specialty coffee at your favorite coffee shop rising, your coffee habit can hit your pocketbook hard. From making your own at home to stacking discounts at the coffee shop, there are ways to enjoy your coffee for less. Check out these five READ MORE

Ethiopian Coffee Culture


Ethiopia is fairly unusual among the coffee growing nations in that it is one of very few that actually is a major consumer of its own products. In fact, coffee is an integral part of daily life for most Ethiopians, and the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony is still a daily ritual in many homes and READ MORE

Starbucks Supports Microfinance Coffee Loans


When Starbucks buyers find that they have trouble sourcing enough coffee for the coffee giant’s needs, they don’t sit back and wait for someone to do something. They step up to the plate to help shore up its coffee bean supply chain by making loans available to the coops and coffee farmers with whom it READ MORE

Five Facts You Should Know About Cold Brew Coffee


From cold drip coffee to nitro brew, cold-brewed coffee has taken a larger and larger place at the national breakfast table. While brewing coffee with cold water may seem to be an affectation to the typical morning Joe lover, those who try cold brews invariably find that the resulting coffee drink is distinctly different from READ MORE

How to Brew the Best Coffee


Want your coffee brewing skills to rival those of the barista at your favorite coffee shop? Consumer Reports recently shared its top tips to brew the best coffee ever. These coffee brewing tips will come as no surprise to any true specialty coffee lover, but they always bear repeating. Start with Clean Water Coffee has READ MORE

10 Fun Facts About Coffee You Probably Didn’t Know


Coffee – just the word conjures up the amazingly potent, energizing aroma, the aura of relaxing with friends over a steaming cup of java, the allure of the tropical lands where the coffee cherries grow. But there’s a whole lot more to the world’s favorite brew than the sweet liquid gold in the cup. As READ MORE

Environmentally Friendly K-cup Alternatives


Almost from the start, environmentalists warned that Keurig’s K-cups were a disaster waiting to happen. As the popularity of the world’s best-known single serve coffee maker grew, so did the mountain of non-recyclable, non-biodegradable K-cups – and the voices of those raising the alarm about the mountain of trash. It got so bad, that John READ MORE

Coffee May Reduce Inflammation Associated with Type 2 Diabetes


Doctors and researchers have known for quite some time that people who drink coffee have a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes as they get older. Regular coffee drinkers also seem to have a reduced risk of chronic hypertension, coronary disease and memory loss associated with aging. A recently released study just may offer READ MORE