Ten Single Origin Coffees That Should Be in Your Coffee Cellar

Single origin coffees embody the signature flavors and aromas of the region in which they are grown. Like any growing thing, coffee beans differ based on the soil and climate conditions of the country and region where they grow, as well as the specific varietal of the coffee plant. While some single origin coffees — especially those from single estates — sell for high prices at auction, you can sample the coffee flavor of many different regions for a very comfortable price. If you’d like to expand your coffee horizons and hone your tastebuds to detect the signature flavors of the different major coffee-growing regions of the world, try some of these top ten single origin coffees.

Brazil Cerrado

Brazil is synonymous with coffee, but not always with quality coffee. A lot of the coffee from Brazil gets combined into large lots, giving Brazilian coffee a rather uniform, smooth flavor. Not so with Brazil Cerrado. It has a unique, unforgettable flavor you’ll never forget. You’ll taste dark chocolate, ripe stone fruit, some hints of honey and walnutty undertone that gets richer with darker roasts.
Brazil Cerrado Oberon, Ground Fine

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC., Organic Mexican Chiapas Coffee

Until recently, few people knew much about Mexican coffee but that’s changing in a big way. Mexican Chiapas is rapidly becoming a highly sought-after coffee. It offers a delicately sweet flavor with hints of dark brown sugar, bakers cocoa, peach and walnut. The Organic Mexican Chiapas from Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC. is certified organic and roasted to a medium darkness. If you haven’t tried a Mexican coffee before, this is the one to try.
Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC., Organic Mexican Chiapas Coffee, 5 Lb. Bag, Whole Bean

The Righteous Bean Organic Whole Bean Coffee Guatemalan Huehuetenango

Guatemalan coffee has a solid reputation as a bold powerhouse coffee with a complex flavor profile that changes dramatically as you sip it. It includes hints of roasted pecans, brown sugar, orange, chocolate and a subtle undertone of walnut. The Righteous Bean Guatemalan Huehuetenango is certified organic and Fair Trade, making it a totally guilt-free indulgence.
The Righteous Bean Organic Whole Bean Coffee Guatemalan Huehuetenango 12 Oz

Ethiopian Organic Fair Trade Whole Bean Coffee (Oromia Blend)

Ethiopian is a long-time favorite around here, and this particular Ethiopian blend is from one of our favorite roasters, Dean’s Beans. You’ll hear about Ethiopian Sidamo and Yirgacheffe and Jima separately, but the three are very closely related. Yirgacheffe, for example is a region within Sidamo, so technically Yirgacheffe IS Sidamo coffee, but all Sidamo coffee is not Yirgacheffe. Are you confused yet? Forget the confusion and just enjoy the coffee. Dean Cycon actually worked with Oromia to bring the first Fair Trade and Organic certified coffee from Ethiopian to the U.S. This coffee is what Ethiopian coffee should taste like.
Ethiopian Organic Fair Trade Whole Bean Coffee (Oromia Blend) (12 ounce)

White House Roasted Coffee, Kenya AA (Whole Bean),

Kenya has been in the world coffee market for a long time, and they’re quite well-organized as far as grading coffee. AA is Kenya’s highest quality coffee, consisting of the best beans from all regions of the country. White Coffee knows Kenya well. The coffee company has been in the coffee roasting business for three generations, providing quality coffee and excellent service. Their Kenya AA medium roast coffee is a bold, robust coffee that has chocolaty high notes, undertones of sweet fruits and a nutty hint of filberts.
White House Roasted Coffee, Kenya AA (Whole Bean), 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3)
Indian Monsoon Malabar AA Organic Whole Bean Coffee

Monsoon Malabar coffee is like nothing else you’ll ever taste — and there’s a great reason for that. This coffee hails from the Malabar Coast, where the coffee is processed in a unique way meant to simulate the aging coffee would have received when being shipped from South India to Europe 150 years ago. The green coffee beans are stored in warehouses that are designed to expose them to the monsoon winds and rains for the 3-4 month monsoon season. The end result is coffee beans that are twice their usual size with a funky, earthy flavor that no other coffee can approximate.
Indian Monsoon Malabar AA Organic Whole Bean Coffee (1 pound)

Churchill Coffee Sumatra Mandheling – Whole Bean

Sumatra Mendheling is another big favorite around here. It has a rich, buttery body that lingers on your tongue forever, and a flavor profile that’s subtle, sweet and bold all at the same time. Other words that have been used to describe Sumatra Mandheling include syrupy, juicy and multi-dimensional. Churchill Coffee Company is a small-batch artisan roaster in the Midwest. The company still uses old-fashioned barrel roasters, lending their coffees an amazing Old World flavor that’s hard to duplicate.
Churchill Coffee Sumatra Mandheling 5 lb – Whole Bean

Sulawesi (Celebes Kalossi) Whole Bean Coffee

The tiny island of Sulawesi, formerly Celebes, produces some of the finest coffee in the world. It’s similar to Sumatra Mandheling but generally considered to be even better. The cup profile is clean, smooth and complex, with hints of spice, chocolate, cherries and molasses, and a syrupy finish that lingers and lingers. Coffee doesn’t get much better than this. Volcanica Coffee sells gourmet coffee beans from volcanic regions around the world. The company has been a top-rated pick of the editors at Food and Wine magazine, and if they don’t know good coffee, who does?
Sulawesi (Celebes Kalossi) Whole Bean Coffee (16 ounce)

Eco Cafe Whole Bean, Tarrazu, 32 Ounce

Costa Rica’s name means The Rich Coast, and when it comes to coffee, the name certainly fits. Costa Rica Tarrazu coffee is grown in the central Costa Rican valley, where the climate and soil conditions are ideal for Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) coffee, considered the highest grade of coffee. For decades, Costa Rican coffee has been considered “smooth,” “balanced” and “boring” — but times they are a-changing. As more and more small roasters are connecting with small farmers, regional coffees like Tarrazu are really coming into their own. Eco Cafe’s Tarrazu is roasted to just past medium, bringing out the delicate fruit flavors and nutty undertones that make this coffee one of the most-enjoyed breakfast coffees in the world.
Eco Cafe Whole Bean, Tarrazu, 32 Ounce

Tanzania Peaberry Northern Selian Estate 1 pound Whole Bean Coffee

Wild, nutty and delightful are not words usually associated with coffee, but they suit the best Tanzanian coffees to a T. For whatever reason, nearly all of the Tanzanian coffee that reaches the market as a single origin is peaberry — coffee beans that never split into two inside the cherry. The very best Tanzanian peaberry coffees have a rich body, winey taste and an explosion of honey and fruit flavors that make your tastebuds really sit up and take notice. Jersey Shore Coffee is a small-batch roaster that roasts every batch of coffee to order, so you know your coffee will be fresh when it arrives.
Tanzania Peaberry Northern Selian Estate 1 pound Whole Bean Coffee