Cuisinart TTG-500 Two-to-Go Coffee maker

The Cuisinart TTG-500, Two to Go Coffee Maker, brews one or two 14-ounce travel mugs of coffee at the same time. You can brew one mug or both, as you require. It is convenient for travel as the coffee drips right into your travel mugs, which have tight lids and are designed to slip into your vehicle cup holder with a slip resistant grip.

Product Description:

The Cuisinart TTG-500, Two to Go Coffee Maker, has an espresso filter-basket design, a brew indicator light; an auto shut off, and comes with a # 2 coffee filter start-up kit. This coffee maker brews one or two cups of rich delicious coffee at the same time and drips it into 14-ounce travel mugs, ready to go. These travel mugs have tight lids and are designed ergonomically for a slip-resistant, comfortable grip, and they fit easily into most vehicles cup holders.

The Cuisinart TTG-500, Two to Go Coffee Maker, is easy to clean up, simply remove the filters and wipe down the surface and you are ready to go again.

Simply wash the travel mugs in hot soapy water or added to your dishwasher on the top rack.


If you are purchasing a coffee maker because you like a good cup of coffee and are always on the go, then this is the coffee maker for you. It’s easy to use, no carafe to wash feature is great for people on the move, plus it is quick and the coffee tastes great. The coffee stays warm in its mugs for up to three hours and although the machine is a basic push button on/off, one mug or two, for people like me, who are always in a hurry to be somewhere, it is super.

We have had this coffee maker now for over a year and it has been working flawlessly. We get it ready at night, then in the morning with just a flip of a switch it is ready to go. We have just purchased one for at work as well because coffee is always best when brewed fresh, and this machine allows you that option.


Although this coffee maker has a simple design, it has a couple areas it could be improved upon. The splitter between the thermos mugs is supposed to divide the outflow from the machine equally and so far that hasn’t happened. One cup fills much quicker, so you are required to collect and divide as needed.

The Final Verdict:

Overall, we would rate the Cuisinart TTG-500 Two-to-Go Coffee maker an A+ in performance and as far as price and a great tasting cup of coffee, you definitely get your money’s worth.

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