Manual Espresso Machines

Manual Espresso Machines

The quick advancement of technology has led many people to believe that brewing espresso with an automatic unit will be better but actually, manual espresso machines have plenty to offer coffee drinkers as well. Since the discovery of coffee, traditional brewing methods did not require power or electricity because the supply was scarce. Though there is no shortage of electric supply these days, conserving energy is just a bonus because manual espresso machines can offer much more than just savings.

Difference between Manual and Automatic Machines

The most obvious difference between automatic and manual espresso machines is certainly that the latter requires absolutely no form of power whatsoever. The ultimate advantage is that coffee drinkers are free to brew even during a power outage or natural disaster like a hurricane or tornado. Especially when confined in the home, not having the means to brew coffee can only make matters worse. During severe weather or other situations where electricity is not readily available, your brewing process can still continue with no problems.

Aside from the use of electricity, another difference between manual and automatic espresso makers is the overall experience. Many avid coffee drinkers have developed an appreciation for the brewing process and prefer to do as much work as possible. Having a manual crank or lever will allow you to control the entire process completely instead of loading grounds into an automatic machine in hopes that the brew will come out right. Manual espresso machines definitely offer a more customized brew than automatic ones.

A clear difference between automatic and manual espresso machines is the reliability. There are many different types of automatic coffee makers and each has an extensive list of features. While this may seem appealing at first, you could end up spending more to replace or repair elaborate parts of the machine. Especially when there are advanced functions, just one small issue can cause the entire unit to stop operating altogether. But with manual espresso machines, there are more assurance in the areas of reliability and durability.

Benefits of Using Manual Espresso Machines

For espresso lovers who have gained appreciation for the process of brewing, manual espresso machines are the perfect addition. Countless automatic models do not come with options to control the pressure or the water temperature. Though there are a few who may complain about the learning process required to achieve the perfect brew, others praise and prefer manual operations.

The number one benefit to using manual espresso machines is the ultimate convenience. For outdoor events like a road trip or hiking expedition, having fresh brewed coffee is virtually impossible. But with a manual machine, you have the ultimate choice to brew anywhere and anytime you’d like. There is no need to wait for electricity supply or pre-brew at home for enjoyment later.

Some coffee drinkers may think that manual espresso machines require far too much maintenance to be worth the benefits. But with modern designs, it is surprisingly easy to clean and is likely to outlast the operational life of automatic espresso machines.

Another great benefit of using manual espresso machines is the easy operation required. Most coffee drinkers are not up to date with the latest technology and can struggle with the advanced features on many automatic machines. Most of the time, espresso lovers would appreciate a simple pull down and up motion to brew coffee and do not want the headaches of elaborate operations.

Where to Find the Best Manual Espresso Machines

Finding any espresso machine nowadays can be difficult because there are simply too many choices to begin searching. In order to make sure that you have a great selection of manual espresso machines to choose from, it will be wise to find a reliable source that does the brunt work for you.

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