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Melitta Coffee Makers are made under contract with the Melitta Coffee company, the company best known for the cone-shaped coffee filter. Melitta was founded in 1908 when a young German housewife, Melitta Bentz, had a coffee-inspired brainstorm. For centuries, coffee enjoyment had been marred by the dregs – spent coffee grounds that invariably ended up in the cup. Why not, she thought, use paper to filter out the coffee grounds? She took a piece of blotter paper from her son’s notebook, cut it to fit the bottom of a brass pot, poked a hole in the bottom of the pot and – voila! Coffee came out, grounds stayed in. Bentz patented her idea as “Filter Top Device lined with Filter Paper” on July 8, 1908, and established a company bearing her name later that same year.

In the century since Melitta Bentz founded her coffee filter company, Melitta Coffee continually researched and developed new methods and innovations for making better coffee. Those innovations included changing the shape of the filter to the now classic Melitta cone shape and micro-perforating the filter paper to make it more porous. In 1965, Melitta introduced yet another innovation – the first Melitta coffee maker. The Melitta 120 Filter Coffee Maker was one of the first electric automatic coffee makers on the market and was capable of making an eight-cup pot of coffee in just six minutes.

The Melitta coffee maker innovations didn’t stop there, either. In 1979, Melitta introduced the Aromaboy coffee maker, a compact little coffee machine that was designed to make as little as two cups of coffee for households that preferred to make their coffee one or two cups at a time. Other innovative ideas from Melitta – a coffee maker with a removable hot plate, and the first coffee maker with a thermal flask to keep coffee at drinking temperature without burning it. Melitta coffee makers were the first to dispense the coffee directly into an insulated carafe – back in 1989.

In 2000, Melitta introduced the Linea Unica line of stainless steel coffee makers to fit into today’s sleek, brushed stainless kitchens. The design was outstanding, and was reinterpreted in 2003 with the Linea Unica de Luxe coffee maker and the Linea Unica Therm coffee maker. The Linea Unica line of premium Melitta coffee makers is joined by several other designer-influenced coffee makers, including the Melitta Stage coffee maker, which is easily one of the sleekest, slimmest coffee maker designs ever created.

In 2008, Melitta introduced yet another upgrade to its coffee maker offerings. The Melitta Caffeo coffee makers are fully automatic coffee machines that make a full range of coffee beverages, including espresso and cappuccino. The Caffeo Lounge coffee maker includes innovative features that you won’t find on some of the highest-end automatic coffee makers, including a Bean Select feature that lets you load your Caffeo with two different kinds of coffee beans and switch back and forth between them at the touch of a button. There’s even a grinder bypass that allows you to use pre-ground coffee instead of beans.

As Melitta reaches the end of its 100th year, the company promises to continue to make innovations that give its customers what they want. The Caffeo line is just an example of what Melitta coffee makers have in store for the future.

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  1. On Melitta’s German website are listed several models that are not available in the US. All we get are the cruddy programmable models, but that seems to be what the demand is over here. I have a 30 year old Deluxe 132, and it’s a fantastic machine.

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