Why You Should Be Drinking Black Coffee – Benefits Of Drinking Black Coffee

Do you load up your coffee with cream, sugar, spices and fats? Is your preferred coffee beverage a mocha Frappacino from Starbucks? Or are you a purist who prefers black coffee over all the hype and puffery that has invaded the coffee world? If you haven’t discovered the joys of black coffee, this list of reasons for enjoying the unadorned version of America’s favorite hot beverage may change your mind.

Why You Should Be Drinking Black Coffee
The Endless Benefits Of Drinking Black Coffee

Appreciate The Taste of Real Coffee

Adding milk and sugar to black coffee disguises and masks the subtle taste variations that characterize different coffee varietals and roasts. You wouldn’t add milk to a glass of wine, would you? Adulterating black coffee with milk and sugar is akin to the same sacrilege. When you drink black coffee, you’ll be able to distinguish the floral, fruity, chocolate-y, wine-y and multitude of other flavors you’ll find in a good cup of black coffee. Once you can taste the difference, you’ll find a whole new appreciation for your morning coffee — and your after dinner espresso, too.

Black Coffee Is Healthier for You

Pure black coffee has just about 2 calories per 8 ounce cup. The more you add to it, the more you increase the calories. An ounce of whole milk adds 20 calories and .99 g of fat to your coffee. A teaspoon of sugar adds another 16 calories. If you prefer cream in your coffee, you’re adding 29 calories and nearly 3 g of fat to every cup. You’re not doing yourself any favors if you use non-dairy coffee creamers, either. Depending on the ingredients and flavorings, you could be adding anywhere from 20 calories to 80 calories to every cup of coffee you drink. If you drink four to five cups a day, those calories and grams of fat can really add up.

Get Energy Faster

A number of studies have shown that the caffeine in black coffee metabolizes more quickly because it’s not slowed down by added fats in the shape of milk, cream or fat-based creamers. A cup of black coffee is a quick energy enhancer and focus booster when you need to concentrate. In fact, if you’re doing a task that requires attention to detail, studies have shown that you’ll work more quickly and make fewer mistakes if you drink a cup of black coffee before you start.

You could get all fancy-pants and invest in a chrome-plated espresso machine with all the bells and whistles, but you really don’t have to do that. You can make a cup of black coffee anywhere you have hot water and a container to brew it in. When you come right down to it, you don’t even need the heat. Cold-brewed coffee takes time, but it’s amazingly good — and perfect for iced coffee. And since you’re not adding milk or cream, you don’t need a refrigerator or cooler to keep it from spoiling.

Black Coffee Is Cheap

Plain, unadorned and unassuming, black coffee is also your cheapest coffee option. While restaurants generally won’t charge you for a few teaspoons of cream or milk in your coffee, you’ll definitely feel it when you drink your coffee at home. Milk, half and half or coffee creamer costs nearly as much as the coffee in your cup.

You Get To Be a Snob

Last but not least, you can join the 43 percent of Americans who drink black coffee and sneer at the rest of us who ruin a good cup of coffee by adding milk, sugar and syrups to their cup. It’s worth switching to black coffee just for the gloating rights.

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