A Worldwide Coffee Table: Where Your Coffee Might Come From

Throughout the world, people are sitting at a coffee table, drinking their favorite brew. But what you may not realize is that coffee only comes from three select regions on the globe: Indonesia, South/Central America, and Arabia/Africa. From these three regions, you are getting a number of different country blends of coffee to serve on your coffee table. In a manner of speaking, when you drink your coffee, you’re drinking from a worldwide coffee table.

Indonesia is one of the favorite regions for your coffee table pleasure. With blends such as Sumatra and Java, this region produces milder coffees that are delicate in strength, but not in flavor. These coffees are perfect for when you have company over and you’re not too sure what to serve on your coffee table. You can add sugar, cream, and milk to these coffees if you like, without destroying the flavor, but you should use them sparingly. Some of the main regions have already been mentioned: Sumatra and Java. But also included in this area is Sulawesi which produces a richer coffee that is suitable for those that want a heavier body to their coffee cup. Some testers have even described this particular region’s coffee as buttery in flavor – adding a perfect sip to your coffee table.

In South/Central American, there are a number of bright blends to add to your coffee table. Guatemala, for example, is known for many a Guatemalan varietal that can taste almost like chocolate after a clean sip. The brighter flavor of this particular coffee works well when you’re not sure what everyone will like to drink, but you want something stronger in flavor. Costa Rica is another popular country for your coffee table, offering a similar flavor to the Guatemalan. From Brazil, you might want to purchase your espresso, as their beans tend to work better for the bolder coffee table palate. Colombia is still the leading producer of coffee, so it’s considered to be one of the best – but for most testers, it’s not the best flavor you can find. Mexico offers a mild coffee for your coffee table as does Hawaii with its Kona blend. Kona is quite expensive, but those that like a nutty flavor will think it’s worth it. And in Puerto Rico, they make Yauco Selecto, which has a slight sweet chocolate aftertaste which is smooth and good with milk or cream.

Or you can head to Arabia/Africa for your coffee table blends. Here you will find four particular countries of interest: Kenya, Ethiopia, Yemen, and Uganda. In Kenya, this coffee table offering is medium body, but has a higher acidity than other coffees giving it a bold taste. Ethiopia is known for its Yirgacheffe which is also a medium brew, but a bit milder in taste and consistency. From Yemen, you can put a Mocha brew on your coffee table, though you shouldn’t expect it to have a chocolate flavor – the name is from the port. And in Uganda, they offer a similar brew to the Kenyan.

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