Reasons to Love the West Bend 56310 12 Cup Coffee Maker

I was on the ultimate search to find the perfect addition to make my morning rush smoother and finally I made a great choice with the West Bend 56310 coffee maker. After trying many expensive models, I can confirm that the higher price tag can never ensure high quality coffee and convenience. For a more than reasonable price, the West Bend 56310 coffee maker does everything that I need it to with a few extra bonuses to make the entire brewing experience unique. The basic features were what made this product appealing at first and after using it for a few months, the performance has held up impressively well.

West Bend 56310 Coffee Maker

Product Features

  • Generous capacity of 12 cups
  • Carafe is dishwasher safe
  • Reusable filter in lift out basket
  • Pause and serve option while brewing
  • Compact design for easy placement
  • Water level indicator

When choosing an ideal coffeemaker, basic features like capacity and extra options are the first factors to consider. Those who have never purchased or owned a coffeemaker like the West Bend 56310 would be surprised at its’ optimal performance for a low price. My favorite feature is the “pause and serve” option because there is not always enough time to wait for the entire brew to finish. Each coffee lover will have their own standards but the West Bend 56310 coffee maker definitely can hold up with expensive models.

More Benefits of the West Bend 56310 coffee maker

I was even more impressed with the West Bend 56310 coffee maker when I discovered that the glass carafe is dishwasher safe. This makes a big difference because I almost never have time in the mornings to rinse it out or soak it before rushing out. When I return the same evening, there is always stubborn coffee stains which do require some effort to clean. But with the West Bend 56310 coffee maker, I simply detach and stack with my dirty dishes. The entire process only takes seconds and saves me time after a long day.

Another perk that the West Bend 56310 coffee maker offers is the covered water reservoir. This prevents splashing and can also help with minimizing the required maintenance in terms of cleaning. There are no coffee spots or stains on the counter or the product itself. As an experienced and avid coffee drinker that has owned a plethora of different coffeemakers, the West Bend 56310 does a great job of making it easy to maintain.

Why Choose the West Bend 56310 Coffee maker over Others

If you are looking to buy an affordable yet simple coffeemaker with a few bonus features then the West Bend 56310 Coffee maker is a great choice for you. Not only is it compact and easy to place on the counter but it also brews a generous 12 cups in a single process. There is also a one-year warranty for those who are interested but not definite about this product. I took a chance and am happy I did because it not only offers convenient brewing with a pause and serve feature but it is more than reasonably priced and can be purchased with free shipping.

I have tried many expensive small and large model coffeemakers but none have combined a small size with great features. The lift out basket makes it painless to remove the nylon filter to wash and reuse again. Not having to purchase disposable filters will also help with saving money with each and every brew. Though countless other products charge over twice as much as the West Bend 56310 coffee maker, they do not perform as well and for as long as this product has so far.

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