Waring Pro CMS120 Coffee Maker Combines Price and Performance

Before choosing to buy the Waring Pro CMS120 coffeemaker, I have owned and used countless other brands and models ranging from professional ones to manual drip types. I found a great price online and decided to try it based on the plethora of positive reviews other buyers commented about it. Each coffee drinker has their own standards and expectations in terms of price and quality but for my picky taste, the Waring Pro CMS120 was more than enough for me.

Waring Pro CMS120 Coffee Maker

Features of the Waring Pro CMS120:

  • Fully automatic with programmable timer
  • Carafe holds capacity of 12 cups
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Brew and pause options
  • Filter basket swings out for easy refill
  • Clear and crisp LCD display


Many different coffeemakers I have tried have basic features like a sophisticated design like the Waring Pro CMS120 but others do not have the intelligent technology that helps to save time. This product offers a programmable timer for up to 24 hours which means you can preset your brew the night or day before. In addition to this awesome benefit, it automatically shuts off after just 2 hours of inactivity which helps to save on energy.

Another feature that prompted me to choose the Waring Pro CMS120 coffee maker over others is the smart design of the filter basket. Many models have a lid that flips open on top which is not the best spot for those who are not that tall. But the Waring Pro CMS120 has a basket that swings out which makes for the easiest refill I have seen on any other product. I did not notice this feature at first but was surprisingly impressed when I realized the convenience it brings.

What I Loved about the Waring Pro CMS120 Coffee Maker

Besides the price and programmable feature, the brew and pause option also makes the Waring Pro CMS120 coffeemaker my favorite product so far. The carafe capacity is a total of 12 cups but I do not always have the time to wait even though the process is fairly quick. There are certain days where I am running late and need my coffee to go.

With the smart technology, there are options to simply pause the brew. This helps a great deal because as crazy as my mornings are, I cannot live without freshly brewed coffee. The best part is that my mornings are more efficient and I am still saving money from not having to buy store-bought coffee that does not taste as good.

Not-So-Great Features of the Waring Pro CMS120 Coffeemaker

One feature of the Waring Pro CMS120 coffeemaker that I have seen many good reviews about is a beeping noise that sounds when the brewing is complete. While many seem to love it, I could actually stand to live without it. After just a few brews, I have noticed the process is quick and is not long enough for me to forget about it.

Essentially, I don’t need the sounds to remind me that the brew is done though I see how it can be useful for others. Another minor detail that I was not thrilled about is the glass carafe since I often prefer stainless steel ones. If the Waring Pro CMS120 coffeemaker had a carafe made with brushed stainless steel like the housing, I would give it a perfect rating.

Overall Recommendation for Buyers

I chose this product because of the great combination of convenience and great quality for a more than reasonable price. For buyers who are interested in the Waring Pro CMS120 coffeemaker, consider whether the programmable settings, automatic shutoff, swinging filter basket, and other features are enough to make your grade of standards.

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