Versatile Benefits with the Viking VCCM12MS Coffee Maker

Before finding the Viking VCCM12MS coffee maker, I always aimed to buy expensive models that offered convenient features that made life easier on a daily basis. After being disappointed countless times, I decided to opt for a model that was less expensive just to compare the differences in terms of performance and features. After months of use now, I am glad that I decided to try the Viking VCCM12MS because it has surpassed my expectations in terms of flavor, speed, and maintenance. The basic features are always a prerequisite but the advanced options on this coffee maker make it better than pricier models.

Viking VCCM12MS Coffee Maker
Product Features

  • 12-cup carafe made of stainless steel
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Programmable settings for automatic brew
  • BrewBreak technology
  • Permanent mesh basket eliminates the need for filters
  • Removable water reservoir

The Viking VCCM12MS coffee maker caught my attention because of the BrewBreak technology which is usually only offered with commercial models. This means that anytime I am in a rush and cannot wait for the entire 12-cup carafe to finish brewing, I can still enjoy my coffee before everyone else. This is also beneficial on my day off because I only have to brew once in the morning and the heavy duty thermos carafe will keep it warm for my next cup. Other features like programmable settings also help with cutting down delays in the morning.

I simply set the brew time the night before and by the time I get ready, my fresh coffee is waiting for me. Another efficient feature on the Viking VCCM12MS coffeemaker is the removable water reservoir. This makes cleaning simple and easy by not having to hold the entire machine over the sink. Aside from time-saving perks, the Viking VCCM12MS also helps to save money because there is a built-in permanent mesh filter so there is no need to buy disposable ones.

More Features to Love

  • SureTemp system manages water temperature
  • Carbon filter in reservoir
  • Advanced CupSelect technology
  • Option to brew tea without flavors from coffee residue


There are many unique features that I found with the Viking VCCM12MS coffee maker and my favorite includes the SureTemp water system. It controls the temperature of the water in the reservoir to ensure that it is hot enough for ideal brewing. I consider this similar to quality control and it does a great job because I have never tasted a less than perfect brew with this product. In addition to quality tasting coffee, the Viking VCCM12MS is equipped with CupSelect technology which allows you to choose between brewing 4-cups or the full 12-cups capacity.

Another feature that offers assurance for great taste is the carbon filter built into the water reservoir. This helps to prevent coffee residues from accumulating which will guarantee a fresh brew for a long time. The Viking VCCM12MS also includes a hot water bypass feature that gives the option to brew tea without any traces of coffee flavor. This is great when hosting parties where not all guests want coffee with their dessert.

Who Will Love the Viking VCCM12MS Coffee maker

Those who do not have plenty of spare time in the morning will love the Viking VCCM12MS coffee maker because it requires little time to clean and offers time-saving options. If you preset your brew to start in the morning like I do, you will save valuable time when you actually want fresh coffee. Also, the affordable Viking VCCM12MS coffee maker includes BrewBreak technology eliminates the waiting process and allows you to take your cup whenever you need to even if the brewing is not yet complete.


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