The World’s Most Recognizable Coffee Brands

The World’s Most Recognizable Coffee Brands

Ever wonder if your favorite brand of coffee is a household name outside your household? Each year, Millward Brown compiles BRANDZ, a report on the most recognizable brand names and brands internationally. This year, Starbucks ranks 35th worldwide for brand recognition, behind such colossal names as Google (#1), Coca Cola (#3), Wal*Mart (#7) and McDonald’s (#11). It’s the only coffee brand in the Top 100 most recognizable brand list, and it also ranks #4 on the chart of brands with the most upward momentum for 2007.

It is, surprisingly, not on the list of top ten most recognizable North American Brands.

According to the BRANDZ 2007 report, the five most recognizable coffee brands in the world are:

#1 Nescafé, from Nestle. Introduced in 1938, Nescafe instant coffee has been sold all over the world since then. During World War II, the entire production of the U.S. plant was reserved for military use only. In the U.S., Nescafe was supplanted by Taster’s Choice instant coffee for years. In 2003, the company began using Nescafe Taster’s Choice as the brand’s name. It is the single most popular instant coffee internationally.

#2 Folgers, from Proctor & Gamble, is the second most recognizable coffee brand worldwide, due in part to its pervasive presence in advertising. Some of the most well-known television ad campaigns of all time have been for Folgers coffee, and few tag lines are as well known worldwide as “The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup.”

#3 Maxwell House, from Kraft Foods, follows close behind Folgers for brand recognition. The Maxwell House slogan is one of the most recognizable brand-associated slogans in history. The company has been using the slogan since 1917, when, according to an apoctryphal story, Teddy Roosevelt declared that the cup of Maxwell House coffee he had just finished was “good to the last drop”.

#4 Jacobs is nearly unknown in the U.S. but in Europe it is one of the most well-known brands of coffee. Now marketed by Kraft foods in Europe, Jacobs originated in Germany in the late 1800s, and is sold throughout Europe.

#5 Douwe Egberts, pronounced Dewey Egberts, began as a small coffee importer in The Netherlands and became one of the largest European coffee roasters. Now a subsidiary of Sara Lee, Douwe Egberts is sold throughout Europe, and is the main supplier of coffee pods for the Senseo Coffee System.

Some other interesting brand name coffee news that might interest you:

While Starbucks has been spreading its name around the world, U.S. rival Dunkin Donuts unseated the major coffee seller in a 2007 coffee loyalty survey produced by Brand Keys, a market research firm.

And as if that weren’t bad enough, when well-known magazine Consumer Reports tested for best coffee taste, Starbucks finished behind – are you ready for this? – McDonald’s premium blend. They get to share the misery, though. McDonalds’ coffee also beat Dunkin Donuts and Burger King’s BKJoe.


  1. Kristi says

    Try Cafe Bustelo-can is yellow, green and orange. You can go to and see if it looks familiar

  2. Tami says

    Golden Key Brand Coffee was made by Foltz Tea & Coffee Co. New, Orleans, Louisiana 70130.Info comes directly off a 42oz. coffee tin from the late 1960s/early 1970s.

  3. Haywood says

    Barbara, are you sure you dont mean red, green and white can? Javacabana makes an espresso called Maglio D’oro or something like that.

  4. Max says

    Barbara you also should look at Cafe Bustelo. The reg. is in a yellow can w/ red writing and I think the decaf can has yellow, green and orange graphics. They are out of Miami and can be ordered online also. If you are buying canned you can’t beat it. They also sell whole bean on their website.

  5. Barbara Green says

    I’m looking for a particular brand of espresso. It came in a green, yellow, red can. It also came in decaf. I had purchased it at The Andersons at one time. Does anyone remember this?

  6. Max says

    Heather-Try Cafe Bustello. You can get it online or is about 2.50-3.50 in the grocery. Pillon and Yuban also. Bustello sells one of them but I can’t remember which.

  7. Margrete says

    Golden Key is out of business so far as I know. It was a New Orleans brand, very strong. My grandfather brewed it for years. I can’t remember the last time I saw a bag of it.

  8. Heather says

    There is a coffee brand used for espresso i suppose, I just use it in the coffee maker for regular coffee and it’s delicious! I can’t remember the name. It comes in a block, sold in most stores with all the other coffees. There are actually 2 different brands, both advertised as “mexican”. They are both very inexpensive, less than 3$ a block. One of the brands comes in a can as well as the block. I’m really just trying to remember the names! El Yuban? maybe. “”

  9. cathy says

    i have been looking for information about GOLDEN KEY coffee. nothing found yet. ever heard of it” i am from new orleans….maybe it was a local brand.

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