Ten Best Quirky Coffee Gadgets

What coffee lover wouldn’t go ga-ga over a coffee maker that talks to you? How about a coffee spoon that never gets lost or a mug that stirs your coffee for you? Some of these coffee gadgets are useful, some are interesting and some are just…well…quirky. Check them out and see if there isn’t a coffee lover on your gift list who’d love something just a little out of left field.

Talking coffee maker

Yes, it really does talk to you. The Speak and Brew Coffee Maker from Primula Products has a speech recognition chip built in so you can tell it when you want your coffee ready in the morning. You can also set the clock by telling the Speak and Brew what time it is. Just in case you don’t want to be caught talking to your coffee machine, the Speak and Brew can also be programmed manually.

Clip-on Coffee Spoon

Developed by Quirky, the open community design forum, the Mugstir is a coffee spoon that hangs on the side of your mug to stay with you. The plastic covered handle comes in a bunch of bright colors so that you can pick it out of the dishwasher without any thought—and no one can accuse you of stealing their stirring spoon.

Electric coffee cup mixer

Available with your first order of New York Coffee, the Electric Coffee Cup Mixer is a combination coffee cup with a built-in mini-blender. Ideal if you love whipped drinks and hate to have them settle before you can finish them.

USB Coffee Cup Warmer

Go on, you know you want a mini warming plate that fits your coffee mug and plugs into your USB port to keep your coffee warm. Never throw out a cold cup of coffee again.

Quotable Coffee App

Never be at a loss for words again—at least not when it comes to talking about coffee. Check the iPhone app store for the Coffee Quotes App, which will give you a new quote about coffee at touch. Quotes by famous inventors, artists, actors and writers, so you’ll always have just the right thing to say about coffee.

D+Caf Test Strips

Not sure how much your waitress loves you? Not sure just how decaffeinated your favorite decaf is? Now you can find out with just a dip. D+Caf test strips test the amount of caffeine in your cup of coffee with just a dip. At $9.95 for a pack of 20, it just adds fifty cents to the cost of your coffee cup.

Hourglass Coffee Maker

It’s sleek, it’s shiny and it’s environmentally friendly. Best of all, it makes coffee that is smooth, sweet and naturally low in acid. Of course, you do have to start your coffee the night before, but it brews up enough coffee concentrate for 8 to 12 cups of coffee, and it will keep in the refrigerator for up to a week.

Not a Paper Cup
One of the quirkiest new products for the travel cup contingent, I Am Not a Paper Cup is designed to look like…a paper coffee cup. Made of porcelain, IANAPC sports a silicone coffee lid that looks just like a plastic coffee lid, so you can look like everyone else while still being environmentally responsible.

Coffee Cooler

Yeah, we all love our coffee hot, but sometimes it’s just too hot. If you do the travel mug thing, your coffee doesn’t cool off naturally and when you take a sip—ouch! Tongue scald! The Brugo Travel Mug features a cooling chamber that lets you tip out just about one sip of coffee at a time to cool down to drinkable temperature. Reviews note a few negatives, but they are some pretty cool looking cups.

On-Off Coffee Mug

The coolest mug of the year – the On-Off Coffee Mug starts out black with big, white block letters that say OFF. Fill it with coffee – or your hot beverage of choice – and watch the mug change color to white. And just in case, that’s not enough, the letters no say ON in no uncertain terms.


  1. The coffee mug with a mini-blender is genius! My fiance and I always make homemade frappacinos but they always settle half way through. I might even put a few of those on our wedding registry on myregistry.com! The usb warming plate also sounds like a good idea for hot drinks, but knowing me I’d spill it all over my computer!

  2. I have the Hourglass Coffee Maker and absolutely LOVE IT! I think it makes the best coffee I have ever had and it’s so simple to use. I take the Bean Kanteen with me to work so I always have smooth, non bitter coffee anytime. If you have a coffee lover in your family do them a favor and buy them this maker.

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