Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Maker

Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Maker

Tassimo single serve coffee makers were born of the union of three major tour de forces in the coffee industry – and they don’t like to call it a single serve coffee maker. Their terms for the Tassimo system is the “Tassimo Hot Beverage System” to emphasize the versatility of the Tassimo brewer. Indeed, because the actual brewing system is completely contained in the proprietary T-disc containing the coffee, tea, chocolate or other product, the Tassimo single serve brewer is designed to brew any type of hot beverage at the precise temperature and for the precise amount of time which best brings out all of its most nuanced flavors.

Tassimo Single Serve coffee maker

The Tassimo brewing system was designed by Kraft International Foods, the single largest coffee roaster in the world. Kraft engineers contract with Saeco, worldwide name with a high profile in automatic espresso machines, to manufacture the Tassimo coffee machine, and Braun, one of the most widely respected makers of small electrical appliances in the world, handle the distribution through their own distribution channels. The three companies may give the Tassimo brewing system the most respected pedigree of all single cup brewing systems on the market.

The Unique Factor – The Patented T-Disc Technology

The Tassimo coffee system hits the market at just about the same time as a number of other single serve coffee systems, notably the SENSEO marketed by coffee rival Sara Lee and the Keurig coffee system which partners with major coffee roaster Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. However, the Tassimo has one unique feature that none of the others offer – the T-disc.

The T-disc isn’t just a “coffee pod” that holds coffee. The secret of the Tassimo brewing system is the barcode that’s printed on every T-disc and read by the Tassimo coffee machine. The barcode tells the machine how much water to use, what temperature to heat the water to before brewing and how long to brew before dispensing. Kraft tasters work with every new product to determine the optimal settings for each coffee, tea or other hot beverage, and those are the settings that are encrypted in the bar code so that every cup of coffee dispensed by the Tassimo coffee maker is consistently excellent.

Of course, not everyone’s likings are the same, so the Tassimo also allows you to override the bar code setting on the Tassimo T-discs on a disc by disc basis.

In addition to the T-disc barcodes, there’s another factor that makes the Tassimo beverage system so versatile. The coffee, tea or other beverage is dispensed directly from the T-disc into the cup. It never touches the machine itself, which means that there’s no need to clean the brewer when switching from one flavor of coffee to another. You can easily make French Vanilla coffee for yourself and Earl Grey tea for your mother-in-law without stopping in between to take the brewer apart and rinse it out.

Tassimo discs can be ordered directly through the Tassimo web site, or bought retail in numerous stores. There’s a wide variety of beverages available in T-discs for the Tassimo brewer, including Starbucks Coffee, Twinings Tea and coffee from Gevalia, Seattle’s Best, Kenco and Maxwell House Blends.

– Tassimo Hot Beverage Brewing Systems


  1. After I refilled the reservoir, all the lights on my Braun Tassimo TA 1400 are still blinking, the maker is clean and I am using the correct product. Can you advise on what may be wrong? Help

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