SunCafe Coffee Pod Brewer H701A

The SunCafe Coffee Pod Brewer H701A was my single request for a graduation present when I was heading to graduate student housing where I’d have a mini-kitchen–basic functionality, but not a lot of space. All through my undergraduate years, I’d haunted the coffee shop at the student union, and I began to realize I should have taken out a separate student loan for my coffee bills!

So the SunCafe Coffee Pod Brewer H701A was my answer as I headed into the next phase of life, looking forward to an unlimited supply of coffeehouse-style drinks to keep me going for those late nights of study, without running up a ridiculous bill at the student union.

SunCafe Coffee Pod Brewer H701A

SunCafe Coffee Pod Brewer H701A Product Features:

  • Brews one 5-to-12 ounce cup at a time, with volume setting to determine amount and strength
  • Easily readable LCD display
  • Patented drawer for tea or coffee pods of any brand
  • Innovative system for extraction from pod
  • Available in black or red

My new kitchen doesn’t have much space, but I’ve been happy to donate some counter space to my shiny red SunCafe Coffee Pod Brewer H701A, keeping me in coffee one gourmet cup at a time. The reason I chose this model (aside from the availability in red, which I love for its unusual flair and its cheerful presence on my counter) was the fact that its nifty patented pod drawer works with any kind of coffee pod. I didn’t want to be limited to any single brand, and with the SunCafe Coffee Pod Brewer H701A I can experiment with any flavor of coffee or tea offered by any brand of pod provider. I keep an eye out for online sales by various providers, and end up spending a really minimal amount on the pods themselves. Definitely a lot less than I was spending on a weekly basis when I was buying specialty coffees all the time at the student union coffeehouse!

The water reservoir on the side of the machine is a clear window, so I can tell when it needs a fill, but I also like it that the reservoir holds enough to make a lot of cups of coffee, so I’m not pouring and refilling every time I want a cup. The double dispenser spouts look for all the world like a coffee shop machine, and I love the foamy top on every cup of coffee. Basically, I feel thoroughly spoiled with every cup of coffee I brew.

The brew time for each cup with the SunCafe Coffee Pod Brewer H701A is pretty quick, so I don’t end up impatiently waiting for my first dose of caffeine in the morning. Especially compared with my constant point of reference–my student union coffee shop habit–this is so much more convenient than walking to the shop, waiting in line, and waiting for the barista to brew for me. Now that I’m accustomed to the convenience of the SunCafe Coffee Pod Brewer H701A on my own counter, I’m somewhat aghast to realize how much time I devoted to those coffee shop trips every week. It seemed “convenient” at the time, since I lived on campus and could walk the few minutes to the union building–but compared to popping in a pod and hitting the brew-button while I go about my morning routine at home, I realize I’m not only saving a lot of money by brewing at home, but I’m also saving a lot of time!

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