Starbucks Sirena Espresso Machine Brings High Quality Flavors Home

Before finding the Starbucks Sirena , I reviewed many different espresso machines to compare price, appearance, performance, basic features, and bonuses of each product. It was a nice surprise to find that the cheaper product fairs better in terms of having high quality flavors right at home. Since buying the Starbucks Sirena , I have never had to step outside or commute for commercial quality espresso again.

Starbucks Sirena Espresso Machine

Features of the Starbucks Sirena

  • Stainless steel broiler with 15-bar pump pressure
  • Water reservoir capacity of 57.5 ounces
  • Dual brewing spout
  • Patented back pressure adapter
  • Includes filter for pod and grounds with rubber gasket
  • Status indicators to show when unit is ready


There are many different features available on the Starbucks Sirena and it begins with a powerful 15-bar pressure pump for the best possible flavor extraction available. It comes with a sufficient capacity of 57.5 ounces which is more than enough for everyday consumption but I can also invite a few friends and family members over for espresso.

The Starbucks Sirena also comes with a dual brewing spout which is one of my favorite features because so far I have only seen cafes have equipment like that. My guests are also quite impressed when they see the brewing process for themselves. This espresso machine definitely looks much more expensive than it actually is.
Another feature of the Starbucks Sirena is that it comes with all the accessories you need to start using it immediately. There is a special filter included for espresso pods or grounds and also comes with a rubber gasket to prevent leaks. The setup is easy and requires much less time than my older machine.

A unique benefit of the Starbucks Sirena is that it also comes with indicator lights to let you know when the water is ready for brewing. So there is no need to walk all the way up to the machine to see if it is ready. Even when I am cleaning or doing other housework outside of the kitchen, I can clearly see the blue LED light on to let me know the unit is ready.

What Else Does the Starbucks Sirena Offer?

  • Steam wand for frothing
  • Rapid steam boiler
  • One-touch pre-measured shots
  • Adjustable drip tray can also be removed
  • Automatic shutoff feature for safety
  • Empty water tank indicator

In additional to basic features that most espresso machines offer, the Starbucks Sirena also gives buyers more reasons to buy. There is a built-in steam wand conveniently located on the side of the machine and a rapid steam boiler to provide the creamiest froth just like the cafes do.

Another benefit is the pre-measured single or double shot serving options which you can choose with just one touch. This takes the complicated headache out of making a high quality cup of espresso. Other bonuses offered with the Starbucks Sirena espresso machine contribute to an easy cleaning routine. The drip tray is easily removable and simple to clean with a quick rinse.

There is also an automatic shutoff capability which helps to save money on electricity bills and also to prevent an accident while I am out all day. Another handy feature is the indicator that tells me when the tank is empty. This is extremely helpful when I am barely awake and cannot figure out why the brew is not starting. My expectations for the Starbucks Sirena were definitely much lower and trying it first hand, I realized what a great deal I got.

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