Impress Your Guests with Showy Coffee Brewers

Impress Your Guests with Showy Coffee Brewers

You don’t need mad barista skilz and a $1,000 coffee machine to impress your guests with a memorable coffee service. There are quite a few fancy coffee brewers that make a great presentation at the dessert or brunch table.  Check out these manual coffee brewers that will make you look like a true coffee connoisseur. Most of them don’t take a lot of practice to master, but they produce awesome – and awe-inspiring—coffee for your next dinner party.

Hario Japanese Cold Brew Dripper

It takes time to make coffee with the Hario Cold Brew Dripper, but it’s worth the wait. The clear acrylic frame and glass carafe and components make a futuristic design statement that will definitely get the attention of your guests, and the quality of the coffee will have them talking for weeks. This is definitely a brewing method that takes advance planning, but very little attention once you get it going. Set up the dripper six to eight hours before you intend to serve the coffee and put it in a conspicuous place where your guests can watch the pot fill up over the course of the evening. The smooth coffee concentrate is ideal for blending with hot water for after dinner coffee, and even better for making coffee-based cocktails.
Hario Water Dripper ‘Clear’ (Manual cool coffee maker)Impress Your Guests with Showy Coffee Brewers

Note: Yama also makes a cold coffee brewer that’s a wonder to watch as well as being an eye-catching accessory on your sideboard. The wooden stand and glass tubing are beautifully made, and the slow drip of coffee making its way through the spiral tubes is practically hypnotizing.

Yama Coffee Siphon

The coffee siphon is an old-fashioned coffee brewer that is making a major comeback. Yama makes high quality glass instruments and housewares. The Yama tabletop coffee siphon is a wonder of glass, wood and metal accents – with fire. If you want to really show off to your friends, making coffee with a coffee siphon is the way to do it. It’s a dramatic, precision-timed show that culminates with a delicious whoosh of coffee – and you’re playing with fire. How much more awesome could your coffee service get?
Northwest Glass Yama TCA-5D 20-Ounce Coffee Siphon Vacuum Pot, 1-UnitImpress Your Guests with Showy Coffee Brewers

Rok Espresso Maker

When you bring out the Rok after dinner, your guests will have a hard time believing it will make coffee. The heavy-duty industrial steel espresso maker looks a lot more like a giant corkscrew – without the pointy bits, of course – than like a coffee maker. The manual coffee maker uses brute strength to produce a single or double shot of full-flavored, delicious, genuine espresso. To make espresso with the Rok, you simply put coffee in the portafilter, add water just off the boil to the water chamber, then squeeze the arms together to express the espresso into your cup. Voila! Fresh-squeezed coffee. For even more fun, let your guests squeeze their own espresso.
ROK ROKMAKER Manual Espresso MakerImpress Your Guests with Showy Coffee Brewers

Bonavita Coffee Dripper and Pour Over Stand

Hand-poured coffee is one of the most fashionable coffee “things” of the moment – and it’s a great, show-offy way to make coffee for your guests after dinner. If you’re going to pour for a crowd, you’ll want one of the larger coffee brewing cones and a pour over stand to hold the filter cone above your coffee server. You’ll also want a gooseneck kettle that allows you to control the pour for best extraction. Pour over coffee does take a bit more practice than the other methods, but it’s a trendy, showy way to make awesome coffee for your dinner guests.
Bonavita Porcelain Pour Over Coffee Dripper StandImpress Your Guests with Showy Coffee Brewers


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