Seven Yummy Coffee Dessert Recipes

Seven Yummy Coffee Dessert Recipes

Coffee desserts are the perfect finishing touch for any adult dinner. From elegantly simple to sinfully rich, we’ve put together a collection of coffee dessert recipes – including a few original recipes created just for Talk About Coffee. Whether you’re looking for a show-stopper to end a company dinner or a family-friendly custard to finish off a hearty meal, one of these fabulous coffee-infused desserts is sure to hit the spot.

From: Taste of Home – Mocha Java Pie with Kahlua Cream

Simple, quick and absolutely delicious – that’s this sumptuous coffee cream pie from Taste of Home. It uses instant coffee dissolved in a tablespoon of water, but you can just as easily substitute a shot of espresso. Fifteen minutes prep time and two hours to chill make this one the perfect coffee dessert for a busy day.

From Talk About Coffee: Coffee Meringue Kisses

Sweet, light and crunchy, these coffee meringue kisses are a perennial favorite. Our recipe includes lots of helpful hints to get perfectly whipped egg whites for your meringues, as well as tips for making concentrated espresso that gives these sweet bites of java heaven their burst of rich coffee flavor.

From Talk About Coffee: Coffee Ice Cream Recipes

Skip the vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavors. When you want to serve a sophisticated flavor in a fun way, coffee ice cream is the way to go. We collected a handful of ice cream recipes that pair delicious coffee ice cream with other complementary flavors. Ice cream never tasted better!

From Family Circle: Gushing Mocha Java Lava Cakes

Wow your guests with these incredibly simple individual mocha java lava cakes. They take only 10 minutes to prepare and 12 to bake, but they look and taste like you slaved over a double boiler for hours. Serve them at your next dinner party and secure your reputation as the best cook in the neighborhood.

From Challenge Dairy: Irish Coffee Cheesecake

Coffee and cheesecake are natural mates, but this Irish Coffee Cheesecake is something extra special. It calls for real ground coffee and brewed espresso, fresh butter and cream cheese, and as a finishing touch, a shot of smooth, rich, Irish cream liqueur. Top it with freshly whipped cream and a sprig of mint for a sophisticated presentation that will top off even the most sophisticated dinner.

From Talk About Coffee: Coffee Phirni

Nothing says home like a cup of rich, creamy rice pudding. Phirni is the Indian version, made with rice flour, Indian spices and rose water or orange blossom water. Our version is Westernized just a bit, using vanilla instead of rose water and substituting cinnamon and allspice for the cardamom more commonly used in India. It’s a luscious taste of home with just a touch of the exotic to set off the subtle coffee flavor.

From Guy Fieri – Food Network: Coffee Bananas Foster

Bananas Foster is one of New Orleans’ showiest dessert recipes. Created by Chef Paul Blange of Brennan’s Restaurant, it includes bananas, brown sugar, spices and rum, and involves setting the skillet of rum-soaked bananas on fire. Food Network’s Guy Fieri added in a coffee twist for this scrumptious variation on the traditional New Orleans treat.

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