Senseo Quadrante HD7860/90- I’m Still Lovin’ It!

The single serve coffee world has been buzzing lately about the new Senseo Quadrante HD7860/90. The Quadrante features sleek new styling and all the favorite features that make the classic Senseo single serve coffee system such a popular machine throughout Europe. It’s a very pretty coffee maker with techno lines that fit comfortably into just about any modern kitchen style – and a very sharp departure from the Senseo’s traditional cylindrical style.

The new Senseo single serve model abandons the traditional leaning cylinder in favor of the clean, minimalist cube design that is so popular in home design right now. The up-to-the-minute styling is both elegant and soothing at the same time.

Senseo Quadrante HD7860/90- I'm Still Lovin' It! – You’ll never need to move your coffee maker again

Unlike some other coffee machines that are playing off the square/cube shape, the Senseo Quadrant manages to avoid looking blocky and clunky. Instead, the curved lines, corners and edges offset the shape to make a unique fashion statement. Available in white, as shown, or in black, this is a machine that you really want to feature on your kitchen counter.

Despite the fact that most of the machine’s shell is made of heavy-duty plastic, the Senseo Quadrant doesn’t feel flimsy or fragile in the least. Senseo made the logical decision of putting the money into the guts of the Quadrante, where it really makes a difference. If you’ve used a Senseo before, you’ll notice a couple of serious improvements in the design of the Quadrante, which I’ll get to a little bit further on in this review.

Getting Ready to Use the Senseo Quadrante for the First Time Senseo Quadrante HD7860/90 getting started

Before you use the Senseo Quadrante for the first time, the manufacturer suggests running a flush cycle on it. The enclosed illustrated instructions – clearly labeled “First time use instructions” – are very simple to follow. You simply pull the water reservoir out of the machine and fill it with water, then replace it. To start the cycle, push the one-cup and two-cup buttons on the top of the machines simultaneously. The Quadrante will draw water from the reservoir and flush it through the system to clean it out. That’s all there is to it. The instruction sheet does warn that the machine will hum loudly while flushing, and tells you to run the flush cycle again without interrupting it if the coffee maker doesn’t work, but we didn’t have that issue. It ran perfectly right from the start.

Tour of the Senseo Quadrante Singer Serve Coffee Maker

Senseo has been in the business of making the best single serve coffee makers since Phillips and Douwe Egberts teamed up in 1995 to create a unique system and to introduce a new way of making coffee to the world. Since the release of the original Senseo in 2001, manufacturer Phillips has sold over 20 million Senseo coffee makers. The Senseo design has become almost iconic, marking it as completely unique on the world market. The new Senseo Quadrante is a major design innovation and deserves a closer look to fully appreciate the new elements and how it fits beautifully into the modern kitchen.

The Quadrante is a sleek, rounded cube with all the elements designed to fit smoothly into the clean lines. The top of the machine is stamped with the Senseo name set into the lid of the pod compartment. Opening the pod compartment is simple – there’s a small handle on the front of the lid that easily flips up, opening the entire top of the machine to reveal the pod chamber.

The pod chamber is roomy and easy to access, easily accommodating either one or two pods. This is a boon for both those who want to make two cups of espresso or coffee at once, and for those who like their single cup to be a little bit stronger than the standard one cup.

All of the controls for the Senseo Quardante are located on the top of the machine – a mere three clearly labeled buttons. To make your coffee, select either the one cup or two cup buttons – those control the amount of water that will be used to make your cup of coffee – then press the center power button.

Senseo Quadrante HD7860/90 getting started

The water receptacle fits neatly into the side and can be removed very easily by tilting it out and lifting it away from the machine. This new design means that filling the Senseo Quadrante is very easy – just pull the water container out, fill it at the sink, and click it back into place. The mechanism works like a dream – no need to force it either to push it in or pull it out.

The design of the water receptacle for the Senseo Quadrante is one of the shining bright spots of the machine. The shape is very easy to grip and carry one-handed, even when the container is full. It may not have been a consideration, but this is a very big plus for anyone who has difficulty with hand agility and strength. In addition, the Quadrante’s water container is somewhat shorter than other water tanks, making it easy to fill even in small sinks. It holds a full 1.2 l of water, so you refill less often, and enjoy more cups of coffee between refills.

The group head dispenses brewed coffee in two streams, and the tray will hold either one or two cups. The metal tray easily adjusts up and down so that you can brew your coffee directly into taller cups – another nice change from most single serve coffee systems.

Consistent Coffee – Great Temperature Regulation

But let’s cut to the chase, shall we? Does the new Phillips Senseo Quadrante make good coffee? And the answer is an unmitigated yes. Among the changes to the Quadrante is a better system of temperature regulation. The water reaches the right temperature quickly and is held there, ready to make cup after cup of smooth, consistently flavored coffee. This is a major change from the older Senseo models, which were often criticized for dispensing coffee that was just not hot enough. With the Quadrante, you can expect a steaming hot, delicious cup of coffee in less than a minute from button press to sip.

Other features of note on the Senseo Quadrante:

– Since the Quadrante can use any of the Douwe Egberts coffee pods and other Senseo pods, there’s a great variety of coffee flavors and roasts to enjoy.
– The machine is equipped with an auto-shutoff, so that you never have to worry about leaving the machine turned on.
– While the machine is fairly loud during the flush cycle – which you should run about once a month – it’s considerably quieter in operation than other pump-driven single serve coffee makers.

The Bottom Line

The Senseo Quadrante is sleek, stylish and very modern. The color choices of black or white fit into just about any kitchen, making a striking accessory. Phillips has made a number of small but significant changes in the design and manufacture of the Senseo Quadrant that make the machine easier to use, and provide excellent consistent coffee cup after cup. It may not look a lot like a Senseo, but the long-awaited Senseo Quadrante is very much worth the wait.


  1. Does anyone know if the Qadrante lets one adjust the quantity of water, like the 7632 model does?

  2. I like the look of the new Senseo Quadrante but I haven’t seen one in person as of yet. I most likely won’t buy one because I love my old Senseo machines. I own 3 of the Senseo coffee machines because we entertain quite often and with 3 Senseo machines I can make everyone happy with there different tastes in gourmet coffee or tea. I use the Presto Mypod where I can use Green Mtn. or Kona, or there favorite tea.

  3. Still waiting for the Quadrante to come to the US. Haven’t heard any more information on availability. If anyone hears otherwise please let us know.

  4. Last I herd was that these are not available in the US yet. hopefully they will be available soon, I’m waiting to get mine!

  5. looks great! I can’t seem to find this on… was planning to get a senseo SL7832/55 before I saw this germ :)

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