Saeco Talea Giro Plus II Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Coffee Brewer Overview:

Designed by BMW DesignworksUSA and produced by Saeco, the new Saeco Talea Brewing System allows you to make an endless variety of coffee beverages with one machine, controlled with the turning of just one knob. No matter your preference, this machine will grind your beans, tamp and dispense your favorite brew in less than 30 seconds. Whether your preference is for strong Italian coffee or American long coffee, their patented SBS concentrates aroma and flavor in to a perfect rich and creamy coffee every time.

Saeco Talea Giro Plus Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Features of the Saeco Talea Giro Espresso And Coffee Maker:

Fully automated brewing:

This particular machine fully automates the process of making espresso and coffee brewing, meaning all you have to do is push a button for a single, or push the same button twice for a double order. It does not get any simpler than that

Customizable memory:

This machine will let you program how much water and how much coffee it uses per brewing cycle, letting you fine tune the strength of your coffee before programming it in to the memory so that you always get your coffee the way you like it.

Ceramic Coffee Grinder:

Metal grinders tend to be the industry standard, but the Saeco Talea Giro Plus espresso machine uses Seaco’s most recent innovation – a move away from metal to ceramic. Ceramic is completely inert and unlike metal, there is no chance of altering the aroma or flavor of your coffee. Ceramic also provides a more even grind, giving you control on how fine a grind you want with minimal residue in the cup.

Hot water and Rapid-Steam® Technology:

With other machines, you have to wait as long as 45 seconds for steam. The use of Saeco’s patented Rapid-Steam® Technology in the Saeco Talea Giro espresso machine means you turn the knob and steam, along with a special milk-frothing tip which delivers perfect foam and warmed milk for cappuccinos and lattes. No waiting and you have steam for multiple coffee beverages or a 32oz frothing pitcher readily available. Moreover, coffee is not for everyone, so boiling hot water is available for tea, chocolate, and hot cocoa at the push of a button.

Pre-infusion Brew System Cycle

Pre-infusion will maximize the flavor extracted in the brewing process. This advanced system tamps, pre-soaks and brews the newly ground coffee beans before discarding into the internal dump box automatically. Maximum flavor in a perfect coffee you enjoy while the machine automatically resets for the next brewing cycle.

Additional Features:

Additional features of Saeco Talea Giro Espresso machine includes a 57oz clear ABS plastic water tank, a stainless steel boiler that guarantees boiling water fast, and a powerful pump that delivers up to 15 bars of pressure to pull flavor from your coffee beans. The Taleo Giro boasts internal storage for a quarter pound of fresh beans in a lidded hopper, an easy to remove and clean internal dump box for up to fifteen brewing cycles.

You will never have to reach with a cup-stacking surface that lets you keep your favorite cups at hand. The adjustable drip tray of the Taleo Giro coffee maker means you can fit your cup no matter the size of your espresso or coffee cup. Given the weight of the machine, Saeco added special rollers to help you move the machine around your kitchen counter and to make it easier to clean.

Ease of Use, Cleaning, and Maintenance:

Simple, easy and hassle free use and operation. The programmable memory simplifies your life: program it once, and you have perfect coffee available at the push of a button. For other orders, swivel the control knob to the required beverage, place cup and brew.

Regular cleaning, externally and internally is necessary to ensure that you get the most from your coffee machine. Scale and mineral deposits buildup can damage the internals. This machine actually tells you when it is time to active the self-cleaning system. Add cleaner and press the button and the machine will take it from there. No disassembly, no hand washing, just two steps and the machine will clean and handle its own maintenance. The only things you have to clean are the hopper, the dump box, and the drip tray. All three parts are easy to remove, reinsert and clean using regular soap and water.

Problems, Issues and Conundrums with the Taleo Giro Plus:

Different owners have had different problems with this machine. One common complaint is that instruction manual and user’s guide are very basic and seems to be a poor translation from Italian to the required language, lacking in depth and detail. What is “silent” and what is “deafening” will vary between people and some have complained that the grinder of the saeco Taleo Giro can be “deafeningly loud.”

One thing that most agree on is that it can be a somewhat temperamental, even fussy machine: It must be regularly cleaned and de-scaled to stay in good working order.

Rating the Saeco Taleo Giro Coffee Maker on a scale of 1- 10 and personally:

Overall, I would rate this particular machine at a solid seven out of ten. Given that it is a relatively new machine, the jury is still out there on how well it will last in the long term. Six months down the line and mine is still working fine, churning out coffees morning, noon and late afternoon.

I would recommend it to anyone who likes his or her coffee a specific way, because that programmable memory means the Saeco Talea Giro Plus II Super Automatic Espresso Machine will deliver exactly what you want whenever you need it.

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