Saeco Espresso Machines

Saeco espresso machines are known worldwide for innovation. At Saeco, the spirit of innovation has long led to advances adopted by the entire espresso machine industry. Among the innovations that first appeared on Saeco machines and spread to other companies are the auto-frother, the double spout that pulls two shots of espresso at the same time and the Saeco brew group, which can be removed and rinsed under running water. Saeco may be a relative newcomer in the espresso industry, but their dedication to quality has made them one of the most highly regarded of all espresso machine companies.

In Italy, home of espresso, Saeco espresso machines hold the #1 spot in espresso machine sales, accounting for nearly 65% of the espresso machines sold for the home consumer market. Their super-automatic machines are aimed at today’s sophisticated home market, placing equal emphasis on brew quality, high design and ease of use. Their machines take pride of place on kitchen counters of style-conscious coffee lovers all over the world. The top of the line Saeco espresso machines automate the entire process of espresso making from grinding the coffee beans to frothing the milk so that every shot of espresso is consistently perfect – with perfect defined by the individual consumer.

Saeco innovation holds true in one of the newest Saeco lines of espresso machines to hit the market. The Incanto Sirius Espresso Machines hit a new high in standards that are bound to make their way across the espresso making world. The Incanto Sirius revolutionizes espresso machine design with such features as an interactive display for easy menu control, an integral ceramic coffee grinder for perfect grinds and an Aqua Prime water filter system that guarantees pure water for excellent espresso every time.

Of course, you don’t have lay out nearly $2,000 to get a Saeco quality espresso machine. While the Incanto Sirius is aimed at the top of the market, Saeco doesn’t skimp on quality for the lower range of Saeco espresso machines, which retail for as little as $300 new. Those include the Saeco Aroma Espresso, which is billed as a “starter machine” for home use, but includes such professional features as anodized steel housing, see-through water reservoir, a hot water dispenser for making cafe Americano and simple controls that clearly tell you when the water in the boiler is at the perfect temperature for pulling a shot.

The place where Saeco espresso machines really stand out is in the category of superautomatic espresso machines. The Saeco Brewing System machines are more than just espresso machines – they’re capable of brewing a full range of coffee drinks from Americano style coffee to rich, thick espresso at the turn of a dial. Saeco’s Vienna line features one button operation from grind to pull. The Vienna line includes innovations like a bean hopper and built-in burr grinder which automatically produces a pre-programmed grind seconds before brewing. The machine packs the filter basket, tamping it with just the right pressure to form the puck, heats the water, starts the pump at precisely the right moment and even knocks out the filter into the removable dump box when the espresso is done brewing.

Saeco espresso machines offer all the features and quality you’d expect to find in a professional machine in a wide range of prices, with options that will suit the budget of most espresso lovers. And since they’re quality built to last for years, it’s not uncommon to find Saeco espresso machines in like-new condition for offer on Internet auction sites.

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