Splendid Flavors with the Saeco Aroma 00354 Espresso Machine

The Saeco Aroma 00354 initially captured my attention though the list I browsed through was long, because of the sophisticated look and it required little area space on my counter. I was looking for an espresso machine with enough power to brew fast but that was also good for beginners like me to use. After just a couple brews during the first day, I already felt like a pro making a variety of hot beverages for me and my family.

Saeco Aroma 00354 Espresso Machine

Features of the Saeco Aroma 00354

  • Sleek and attractive silver body
  • Make a variety of beverages
  • Advanced 15-bar pump pressure
  • Surface for warming cups
  • Portafilter is pressurized and takes pods
  • Steaming wand with exclusive frothing device


The Saeco Aroma 00354 looks amazing because it is completely silver and looks like a commercial grade espresso machine I have seen in the cafes. Another great thing about it is that it makes gourmet coffee but also teas, lattes, and cappuccinos. I did not notice this feature at first so it was a nice surprise to discover later that I could mix up the variety anytime.

There is more than one choice with the Saeco Aroma 00354 because the pressurized portafilter adapts to pods as well. This capability opens up many more options for selection of flavors. There is no need to settle for one type because it will inevitably get boring after a few months or so. Since having the Saeco Aroma 00354, I switch up between lattes and espressos every week.

A major reason why the Saeco Aroma 00354 is similar to much more expensive models is becaue it also includes a warming surface to prepare the cups for whenever you are ready to brew. I have only seen this in cafes so though it may seem like a small feature, it makes a big difference when you want a warm cup to have espresso in.

The Saeco Aroma 00354 espresso machine also gives a feeling of store quality because it is built with a hot-water and steam wand and an exclusive Pannarello frothing device. I have browsed through many different machines and none included this amazing feature without adding a hundred or two to the price.

Reasons the Saeco Aroma 00354 Works Perfect for Anyone

  • Easy to use control panel
  • Removable drip tray
  • Detachable water tank
  • Great for daily use and for parties

Finding an espresso machine like the Saeco Aroma 00354 is especially beneficial for beginners or experts. The control panel is simple to use and offers the same great flavor as expensive machines like it.

Most high end models come with a removable water reservoir so I assumed I would not have one for the price I paid but surprisingly, the Saeco Aroma 00354 does have a detachable tank. It makes pouring water out and filling it much easier, not to mention the cleaning process.

The Saeco Aroma 00354 is perfect for any household because it works quickly enough to accommodate a gathering of about 6-10 guests without any noticeable delay between servings. The power of the 15-bar pressure extracts the flavors evenly without burning the brew.

Why Replace Your Old Model with the Saeco Aroma 00354

If you are still reluctant to throw out your old model espresso machine because you paid an arm and a leg for it then consider how inconvenient or limited it may be. The Saeco Aroma 00354 is extremely affordable compared with similar machines and offers great features that save time. You also save money because the brew will taste even better than the store-bought kind.

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