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They say that it’s hard to find a good cup of coffee anymore because everyone is selling it on every street corner. And while that does seem to be the case more and more, there are good coffee shops to find espresso heaven and cool atmosphere. Here I’ve found some that have impressed me. But I’m always ready to try more and I’ll let you know what I find.

Okay everyone, grab your mugs and listen up.



  • cool art deco atmosphere, relaxed and inviting, a good first date place
  • they roast their coffee in house to produce consistent blends and great variety of flavors
  • pastries and cheesecake are fantastic
  • they have local entertainment in the evenings
  • the espresso drinks are consistently good in taste and quality
  • the staff is friendly and knows what they’re doing



  • really terrific coffee and they roast in house
  • a full menu of great food
  • clean and cool interior
  • great website! lots of info
  • staff makes you feel right at home, relaxed and helpful


BEANERS Toledo, OH and surrounding areas

  • pretty good coffee, their brew of the day can be a bit hard to swallow
  • great pastries and food items from the local bagel place
  • espresso drinks are good, but the constantly changing staff can sometimes produce uneven results
  • non coffee drinks are great. Berry Brain Freeze is a refreshing fruit drink that can fill you up too
  • quiet, jazzy atmosphere, good for a date



  • very romantic setting, dim lights, quiet music
  • kudos for having organic coffee
  • tasty blends and espresso offerings
  • vegetarian delights on their food menu along with other healthy options


STARBUCKS Santa Rosa, CA (nationwide chain, in case you didn’t know)

  • enjoyed the new tea concoction
  • coffee is consistent and espresso drinks are satisfying
  • the staff wasn’t very friendly the day that I came in, but normally are
  • well decorated and good for studying alone
  • the wall of coffee related items are hard to pass up?espresso machines, cups, filters, travel mugs

All in all, these were pleasant experiences – although my previous employment at a similar establishment may have lessened my ability to critique. I am very honest when I talk about espresso though. Unless you have a dismal blend to work with, espresso is not hard to do consistently. When a shop has well-trained employees, it’s always apparent. As seen in the Beaners review, sometimes a fluctuating staff can cause the demise of a coffee house. Your favorite coffee house probably has a consistent staff and good management that are willing to keep experience.

Next month, we’re moving out of the US and into Canada and Europe. Both have lots to offer in terms of history and culture easily reflected in the taste and preparation of their coffee too, I imagine.


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