Rancilio Espresso Machines

Rancilio espresso machines carry the pedigree of true espresso royalty. Founded in 1927 by Roberto Rancilio, Rancilio Officine Meccaniche PR brought the first espresso machine to the market. It was the golden age of espresso innovation, and the Rancilio La Regina – the Queen – was a stunning work of art that worked hard to deliver excellent coffee. Manufactured of high quality metals, the machine featured copper metalwork accents and the high boiler profile that makes early Rancilio espresso machines stand out from the crowd. In 1930, Rancilio offered another stunningly beautiful model, the Ottagonale, which was, as its name suggests, octagonal in shape. From 1939 to 1945, Rancilio increased its market profile even as other espresso machine manufacturers joined the market. The race to create the perfect espresso machine led Rancilio to the award winning low profile design of the 1950 Rancilio Invicta, the first Rancilio espresso machine to feature the squared espresso machine design that is most familiar in today’s coffee shops.

Between 1965 and 1975, Rancilio introduced new innovations in the espresso machine market. The Rancilio Model Z8 espresso machine, designed by famous designer Marco Zanuso was launched in 1965, and was only the first of the Z series designs to be marketed by Rancilio. The Z9, introduced in 1974, featured two stations to pull two espressos at once, as well as the sleek rounded corners and signature red housing of the Z8.

Perhaps Rancilio’s best known espresso machine, though, was introduced in 1997. The Rancilio Miss Silvia is not only the best selling design in the Rancilio line – it may well be the best selling espresso machine of any brand on the market. The Miss Silvia was originally designed as a gift for the Rancilio company’s best importers and vendors. It was never meant for sale to the general public. That’s one decision the company must be pleased to have reversed. The finicky, fussy Miss Silvia has developed a cult following unknown to any other espresso machine aside from, perhaps, the Francis Francis! X1 designer espresso machine designed by Luca Trazzi.

Invariably referred to as “she”, the Rancilio Miss Silvia has a reputation for being as finicky and as rewarding as any woman on earth. It is one of the few espresso machines with fan sites – an accomplishment that few espresso machine makers can boast.

The Silvia is not the last innovation by Rancilio, though – not by a long shot. In 2003, the company launched its line of Epoca espresso machines, with sleek modern lines, as well as the Class 10, Class 8 and Class 6 espresso machines, each with multiple group heads and gleaming aluminum bodies. In 2006, Rancilio acquired shares in Egro Swiss Coffee Systems, and introduced a line of superautomatic espresso machines and coffee bars, joining the high tech espresso revolution without leaving behind its commitment to quality and excellence.

Rancilio espresso machines
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