Coffee Gift Ideas – How To Pick Coffee For Someone You Don’t Know

Coffee makes a great gift: anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, and holidays, but what if you have to buy a pound of coffee for someone you don’t know? Well, you could just pick something out at the grocery store; a nice six dollar bag and be done with it. But really, that’s the equivalent to slapping someone across the face each morning that they take a sip. And that’s just not very nice. Besides, you wouldn’t want your boss to run to the store and pick you up six heads of lettuce for your annual bonus.

So, let’s start with some basic clues to a person’s coffee habits. If you haven’t been waking up next to this person or privy to their coffee shop trips, then this is a good outline for figuring out what to do. And just to let you know, most baristas are trained to figure out a good coffee for a total stranger, so ask them for their help.

  • If your gift recipient likes black coffee and lots of it, chances are that they don’t really pay attention to what it tastes like. You may want to tempt their palate with a nice mild roast, a Columbian varietal is always a good bet.
  • If they like cream and sugar, giving a darker roast is the right decision. Their extra ingredients will balance out the overall effect and make for a smooth cup of coffee that you can still taste the flavor of.
  • When the person drinks decaf, you buy them a nice mild roast decaf. This is not the time to reintroduce them to caffeine. Likewise, you don’t want to give decaf to the pot-a-day coffee junkie.
  • And for those who like a flavored coffee; hazelnut, vanilla, and pecan are good choices.
  • It’s actually quite simple to pick out a coffee for someone. Now whether or not they drink it is another story. So to be safe, I would add a nice coffee mug and saucer in the gift pack, along with some biscotti or cookies. Another good addition is a gift certificate to a coffee shop. If you’ve struck out entirely and they hate coffee, they can find something else that they might like at a coffee shop (or they can hand it off to their husband, wife, daughter, mother?). When looking for a coffee for someone else, pick it as though you were going to drink this coffee for the rest of your life. Even if it’s a flavor that you may not be fond of, you need to at least think that someone else would. And honestly, you should find a way to try the coffee too. Going to your local coffee shop for their blend will help you to try before you buy. But if that’s not possible, again, ask your friendly barista. They don’t tend to get commission for recommending a coffee, so they’re generally honest in their responses. Throw a nice bow on everything, and voila! A perfect gift.

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