Oster Counterforms 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker 4281

Making coffee is already my routine. I wake up early to prepare coffee for the family. Preparation takes chunks of my busy schedule. Here comes Oster Counterforms 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker 4281, which made my every morning schedule hassle free and more convenient. With its state of the art features, making coffee has never been this easy.

I purchased this coffee maker and I was amazed with the ease of use and its features. The Oster Counterforms 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker 4281 stands 8 inches wide and 10 inches deep. It has silver luminart finish, and is stainless steel, that leaves it absolutely no virtual fingerprint. It’s silver finish is subtly shaded and reflects light. It has a top-loading water reservoir and a filter basket. But you may also use paper filter, if you desire.

The most distinguishing feature of this coffee maker is that it is programmable, that is to say, you may set the schedule when you want a freshly brewed deliciously tasting cup of coffee.Oster Counterforms 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker 4281 It has eight push button controls in which you can select what time you would want your coffee made. It may make coffee instantly, or you can select the button for Delay Brew. You can choose the strength of the coffee, or you may want to set the special cleaning cycle of the coffeemaker. Lastly, you may want to shut off the system. These are all made possible by the Osler Counterforms 12-cup Programmable Coffeemaker.

You can brew up to 12 cups of coffee in just a matter of 12 minutes. The feature also includes the 2 hour automatic shut off. It also has audible tones which will indicate when the coffee is brewed. Also, it has blue lighted function buttons and display panel.

The downside of this coffee maker is that the carafe is breakable. So, it is advised not to drop it. Overall, this coffee maker has outstanding features! Try it yourself.


  1. Hi, I just got a 4281 without a user’s manual. I would like to figure out how to clean it. I heard that you should add 3 cups of coffee cleaning solution and hit the “Clean” button. However, I also heard a rumor that you can use vinegar instead of coffee cleaning solution. Is this true? If so, (i) should you still use 3 cups of vinegar (undiluted); and (ii) should you use any particular type of vinegar (such as white)?

    Thanks . . .

  2. The carafe broke immediately. It is too soon and it seems impossible to find a replacement.

  3. I have recently bought a 12-Cup Programmable Coffe Maker 4281. It has all the features you have described in your article, and they are a plus! I have used this coffee maker only three times, but I am concerned about coffee flavor it produced and the lack of aroma. I couldn??t obtain the same flavor(using the same coffee brand and the same amount of water and coffee) I got from my Thomas Coffee Maker, which had a permanent coffee filter made of steel. The reason I selected this Oster coffee maker 4281 was mainly because it was the only one in the local market that the salesman told me it had a metal filter. I bought the machine, but when I got home and I took out the owner??s manual, it said that it had a permanent filter, but it did not say whether it was made of metal, and what kind of metal it is. This information is vital to me because a few months before I bought another Oster Coffee Maker, (another type) and it seemed to have a plastic or nylon filter, which produced a terrible smell and completely altered the flavor of coffee; it tasted and smelled like plastic, so I threw this coffee maker away. I would like some specific information regarding the permanent filter of my Oster Coffee Maker 4281, and also some advice on how can I improve the flavor of the coffee in this coffee maker. I am using a combination of the best kinds of coffee produced in Per??, which had gained international recognition, so my coffee brands are not the problem. I had to replace my Thomas because it is very old and in the local market we do not have many brands of drip coffee makers to buy(they are not so popular in Per??), and Oster are the ones that look better in the store counters. I used to have a Brown, then a Thomas, but these companies are no selling their coffee makers in Per?? any more.

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