Nespresso C100 Essenza Automatic Espresso and Coffee Maker

The C100 Essenza Automatic Espresso and Coffee maker spells out sheer power with the 19-bar-powerful pump capacity to deliver delicious restaurant quality espresso each and every time. Just one touch turns your coffee beverage into a frothy delight. This incredible machine received a five star rating average from different reviewers.

Nespresso C100 Essenza Automatic Espresso Machine

Product Description:

The Nespresso C100 Essenza model has electronic temperature regulation to insure a great brew. A nice feature is the automatic ejection function of the used capsules. The insertion of the capsules is very easy. The Nespresso C100 comes with 12 capsules in a starter kit but the unit can holds up to 14 used capsules in its tray.

Each capsule is designed to deliver the correct amount of coffee ground for a single or double serving. The C100 has a 41-ounce removable water tank, and a 19-bar-heating pump pressure; it is programmable for just the right coffee quantity. There are two settings; one espresso (41 ml) and the other for lungo (110 ml). The unit has on/off backlit buttons. There is an automatic stop function, and two levels for milk; one for hot milk and the other for the milk-based froth. The model is very durable and is easy to keep clean.


Product: Nespresso C100T Essenza Single-Serve Automatic Espresso Machine
Type: Automatic Coffee Maker
Size: 10 x 6-1/2 x 11-1/2 inches
Weight: 6-1/2 lbs
Features: Electronic temperature regulation, 19-bar pump pressure, ThermoBlock heating system, Removable water tank
Uses: Capsules
Includes: Automatic ejection of used capsule


I need more water in my espresso. I really love lungo because of it. This machine has the capacity to prefer my lungo just the way I like it. The cappuccinos are also coffee shop good. My partner also loves the rich thick espresso and we both love the creamy froth.

My friend also purchased one of these models and had trouble with the frother. Nespresso was quick to replace the frother and provided excellent customer service. She is very happy with the frother and uses the machine everyday.


You have to buy the capsules for this machine though. This will mean a little bit of time and effort to get them from Nespresso. The capsules cannot be purchased at physical locations but can be purchased online at other places beside Nespresso. However, most people know that the pods are more expensive than ground coffee. It is well worth it because the end result is an exceptional beverage.

The Final Verdict:

This great little machine is popular regardless of it being a single serve unit. You cannot get the capsules at your local stores though you can purchase online and through the company. Consumer reports ranks this machine highest in its class which means a lot.

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