Nesco Coffee Bean Roaster: Excellent Coffee Roasts, Fast

The Nesco Coffee Bean Roaster, for its size, delivers a powerful punch when it comes to roasting. With dimensions measuring 11.88Hx12.88Wx8.75D, the Nesco Coffee Bean Roaster is compact and light enough to tuck in a corner of your kitchen or office pantry. It has a generous 1/3 lb bean capacity which is enough to produce around 36 cups of excellent and great tasting coffee.

The Nesco Coffee Bean Roaster uses a patented technology comprised of present digital roasting controls and a laboratory-grade roasting chamber made of glass that make roasting coffee beans a breeze. With the preset roasting controls, your coffee beans are roasted to perfection by just the push of a button. There is no need to adjust temperature controls or time settings to achieve perfect roasts all the time.

Nesco Coffee Bean Roaster
The glass chamber allows for clear visibility so no guessing or peeking is needed in determining whether your coffee beans are roasted enough. The Nesco Coffee Bean Roaster is also equipped with a catalytic technology that minimizes and even eliminates odors and smokes during the roasting process.

Despite of its weight that amounts to only nine pounds, the Nesco Coffee Bean Roaster is a quiet and smooth operator. It can roast your coffee beans for 20 minutes or less with nary a sound from its powerful motor. Its sleek black design is also a welcome addition to any home as it can complement even the most eclectic home design schemes. For a batch of excellently roasted coffee beans in less than 20 minutes, the Nesco Coffee Bean Roaster is the best.

For convenience, quality, and excellent roasted flavor, the Nesco Coffee Bean Roaster promises to deliver high-grade roasted beans for maximum coffee enjoyment. The Nesco Coffee Bean Roaster also features a sturdy closed arm for easy handling. With its generous capacity, the Nesco Coffee Bean Roaster is ideal for roasting large batches of coffee beans for a large coffee party. Since the roasting process almost takes no time, you can have rounds of great-tasting coffee hour after hour.

Problems with Nesco Coffee Bean Roaster

Complaints about Nesco Coffee Bean Roaster are rare but one example is the lack of customizable controls. Due to the preset controls, users have little choice in roasting their brews and beans. Variations in the profile of each coffee bean roast are achieved by changing the temperature and length of roasting. With the preset roasting controls, more sophisticated coffee bean aficionados might find the Nesco Coffee Bean Roaster limiting. However, casual roasters will love the convenience of pushing a preset button to roast consistently good and excellent coffee beans.


  1. I love my nesco!! But clean your screens and stuff: I just had SPARKS in my roast: the chaff was actually GLOWING. Keep it clean!

  2. Yes, you can get a couple of parts from Invalsa.
    However, most failures are either bearing or heater element related. The bearing failures can be fixed with stock parts. But Nesco will NOT sell
    heater elements, drive wheels, belts, and etc to their end users. Furthermore, they have made things more complex buy changing the hole pattern on the model 1010 heater element. So, NESCO, Why not make all your parts available? Nobody wants to spend $40 shipping a $100 appliance for a $10 part!!!!
    btw- I think one of the above poster’s units has failed..

  3. I choose the Nesco roaster because someone else I knew had one and spoke very highly about it. I must say when I first got it, it looked like an upside down ice fishing auger. But believe me its a coffee roaster and a good one. My first batch of beans were way over done because I was too busy reading the instruction sheet. I should have done that first. Every batch after that has been perfect. The roaster is VERY quiet and produces no smoke that I could detect. The auger rotates the beans in an orderly fashion and the whole roast is even and the same. The chaff is collected and very little remains in the roasting chamber. The 5 minute cool down is the only period when the unit becomes noisy and this is because it moves a large amount of air to cool the beans and stop the roast. The best thing that you can do is to keep a sheet or log of the roasting that you do. I did a second batch of peaberry, using the information from the first and it was exactly the same. I have yet to find anything other then human error wrong with this coffee roaster. Good investment in a good product.

  4. I just received this as a Christmas gift and used it for the first time tonight. Seems like a great roaster. No smoke. Will try the beans in the morning. The only thing misleading about this review is the amount of brewed coffee one roasting will make. It would only make 36 cups if you like terribly weak coffee! It roasted enough beans for what I normally use for 10 cups/1 pot of brewed coffee.

  5. you can get parts for the NESCO/Zach & Dani roasters through, i just broke the roasting champer as well. and last december i had to order new screen, and gaskets. i have had mine about 4 years now and love it. i found your comment while looking for parts for the roast chamber.

  6. I love my coffee roaster and the only problem I can say is that when you break the glass auger like I did, how do you find a replacement for that part without buying a whole new system? I have had the Zach and Dani one for 3 year or more until I broke the main part and had to order a Desco. Hopefully someone will make replacement parts available!

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