My Invento Pod Coffee Maker HK10M

Coffee Brewer Overview:

Smart Café manufactures My Invento Pod Coffee maker HK10M(HK10W), a single serve machine that is easy to use, simple and down to earth. The machine needs just five steps in order to get you a cup of coffee. Switch the machine on, Fill the reservoir with water, Place the pod in the pod holder, Heat the water and finally, push button to brew.

Features of the Coffee Maker:

  • Simple Coffee/Tea Pods:

My Invento Pod Coffee Maker HK10M cheap coffee makerThe machine is equipped to take up coffee or tea pods packed with about 12 grams of coffee/tea powder, the most in the market. This can brew up to 2 cups in a single time. Further to this, the pods are completely biodegradable and come in a dazzling array of twelve different flavors. They packed quality, quantity and a variety of flavors in to biodegradable pods.

  • Fast Brewing:

The machine is capable of brewing coffee in about 40 seconds time. This is one of the fastest brewing times for coffee of surprisingly good quality.

  • Dual Cup filling system:

The programmable machine lets you chose between brewing a single or double or two cup as required and the machine has a broader drip tray, which can take two cups at a time if necessary. That is a definite time saving feature.

  • Detachable and adjustable Drip tray:

Unlike some machines, the drip tray on this pod coffeemaker is fully adjustable to accommodate cups of all sizes. It is also fully detachable and completely dishwasher friendly, making cleaning just that little bit easier.

Additional Features:

The reservoir boasts a good 28-oz capacity. The machine is equipped with three buttons, one for start/stop the machine, one for heating and the last to dispense coffee. Nothing fancy or overly complicated which is great when you’re still half asleep having just staggered out of bed.
The pod holder is easily accessible to load the pod of your choice and ejects the spent pod just as easily.

Ease of Use, Cleaning and Maintenance:

The machine is one of the easiest to operate. Press a button to switch on, a second to heat and then the third to brew. Virtually every part of the machine from the reservoir tank to the drip tray is dishwasher friendly.

Problems, Issues and Conundrums:

While simple to use and clean, this machine is not without its faults. The lack of a water level indicator is a definite negative that can leave standing there wondering, “Where’s my coffee?” at seven in the morning.

There also appears to be a problem with the heating elements as sometimes your coffee comes out warm, not hot. You may find yourself descaling this coffee maker on a surprisingly regular basis just in case that is the problem.

As always with pod coffee makers, there is the price of the pods and the pods for this particular machine can be a little more expensive than other coffee pods due to the environmentally friendly edge.

The biggest negative of this machine is the lack of a warranty!

On a scale of 1-10 and personally:

I personally on my scale would give this My Invento Pod Coffeemaker HK10 a 6/10. It is one of the cheapest pod coffee makers out there that can deliver good coffee consistently but it is loaded with little bugs and issues that would cause anyone deprived of their coffee to either tear some hair out or throw out the machine – that’s when the lack of a warranty really bites!

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