Mr. Coffee TM3-2, 3-Quart Ice Tea Maker: Delicious Iced Tea in an Instant!

“Quench Your Thirst”

With the hot summer days, you can not help but long for the delicious taste of iced tea. Now, thanks to the Mr. Coffee TM3-2, 3-Quart Ice Tea Maker, you can prepare your favorite cold beverage in just ten minutes.

The Mr. Coffee TM3-2, 3-Quart Ice Tea Maker features a steeping basket where you will place your tea. The steeping basket will allow your tea to be immersed in the water until the water boils. Once the brewing process is over, you simply have to wait for it to get cold. Detach the pitcher and it is ready to serve. It is that simple.

This amazing iced tea maker also comes with an “on and off” indicator light as well as auto shut off features. These safety features are certainly welcome especially if you are someone who frequently forgets to shut off kitchen appliances after use.

With its capacity, you can use the Mr. Coffee TM3-2, 3-Quart Ice Tea Maker when you have unexpected visitors. You can even bring it with you to the office if you really prefer cold beverages over hot ones. The best thing about this iced tea maker is that you can place the pitcher inside your refrigerator if you happen to have some iced tea left over.

Aside from these features, you will also be pleased with how stylish it looks. It will fit in any kitchen and never look out of place. The Mr. Coffee TM3-2, 3-Quart Ice Tea Maker is also very durable. You can depend on it to last for many years with the proper care and maintenance.

After each use, you can clean the pitcher using mild soap and warm water. It is not advisable for the Mr. Coffee TM3-2, 3-Quart Ice Tea Maker to be washed in your dishwater. It is bet that you the pitcher and steeping basket by hand. As for the rest of the machine, simply wipe it with a damp cloth.

With the Mr. Coffee TM3-2, 3-Quart Ice Tea Maker, preparing iced tea has certainly become easier. You can use it everyday and will never be disappointed especially with the resulting delicious iced tea.

Problems Encountered with the Mr. Coffee TM3-2, 3-Quart Ice Tea Maker

Most of the reviews that users posted online stated some problems with the fragility of the pitcher. Some even suggest buyers to purchase extra pitchers in case the original one gets cracked or chipped. Again, with extra care, users might be able to prevent the pitcher of the Mr. Coffee TM3-2, 3-Quart Ice Tea Maker from cracking.

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  1. Scotticus says

    Yep, the problem is your ice tea maker sucks. Stay away from the Mr. Coffee brand; I’ve had to pitchers develop a hairline crack, and one that just full out broke into 3 pieces after only a few uses, and I doubt it was due to me not using “extra care.” I’ve also had problems with the appliance overheating and shutting off before completing an entire pitcher numerous times. I finally gave up when the third machine I purchased was the second one to overheat and stop brewing, and the pitcher broke. I use a crockpot brand iced tea maker now, and I love it – we’ve had it for over 2 years now without a single problem.

  2. al love says

    After using the tea maker about 15 times, it goes off after only making about a cup of tea. I turn it back on and again will go off, any ideas what’s wrong?

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