Mr. Coffee TF6 5-Cup Switch Coffee Maker

Are you tired of complicated coffee pots that you just cannot figure out? Do you want to stick to the traditional drip coffee? Do you just want your coffee to taste great at an affordable price? Look no further because you just found the perfect drip coffee maker that meets all of your needs and wants!

Mr. Coffee TF6 5-Cup Switch Coffee MakerThis traditional drip coffee brewer made by Mr. Coffee is so easy to use and to clean, anyone can use it. To use this unit, simply add water and coffee grounds and push the on-off button. The unit is equipped with a dual water window which allows you to see the water amount in the reservoir for accurate filling. As well, the on-off button includes a light that allows you to see if the coffee maker is on or off. The filter is built-in and fully removable. This allows you to clean it in seconds and saves you money because you will not have to buy coffee filters.

The Mr. Coffee TF6 Coffee maker is extremely affordable and will fit into any life-style and into any kitchen design. The Mr. Coffee 5-Cup Switch Coffee Maker also comes with the brew-pause feature. This allows you to grab a great tasting cup of coffee before the brew cycle is even done. To activate this feature, all you need to do is lift the Carafe. When you are done, return the Carafe and the brew cycle will resume. This is a great feature for those of you on the run or for those of you who just do not want to wait for cafe-style coffee.


I loved everything about this machine. Me and my wife have been looking for a tradition and simple coffee maker everywhere. We always run into expensive and complex ones! We just wanted something that made great coffee and was easy enough for all of us to use. This coffee maker is everything we were looking for and it is cheap!


The only thing that I do not like about the coffee pot is that sometimes water gets stuck in the metal that circles the coffee pot. If we do not dry the pot fully before we use it, when we poor the coffee the water drips onto the counter.

The Final Verdict:

I would definitely recommend this product to my friends. Coffee makers are getting so complicated these days! It is really nice to see one that we can all use and understand. Not only that, the coffee that this machine makes tastes just as good as the coffee the expensive ones brew. I would recommend this unit to the old fashioned coffee lover out there who just loves a great tasting cup of coffee from home.

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