Mr. Coffee BVMC-EJX36 12-Cup Programmable Coffee maker

I just moved into a new apartment and had to pick up some of the basic kitchen appliances that didn’t come with the place–a shopping trip I was dreading, frankly, because I’m a bachelor who doesn’t usually have to deal with shopping trips at all. So my shopping list (both the number of items and the features I was looking for) was short and to-the-point, and I intended to pick up the first “find” that fit the list, and be done with the project.

Mr. Coffee EJX36 12-Cup Coffee makerRegarding the coffee maker, my list included just two “must-have” features: I need one that will have my coffee ready for me when I haul myself out of bed in the morning, and I need one that turns itself off because I forget. The last thing I expected was to feel anything like excitement about a coffee maker discovered in my dash-and-grab, but then, I hadn’t counted on the cool metallic red Mr. Coffee BVMC-EJX36 coffee maker grabbing my eyes in the first minute.

Mr. Coffee BVMC-EJX36 coffee maker Product Features:

  • Stylish lines and metallic red accent
  • Silver dial-style programming buttons easy to use
  • Twelve-cup dripless pouring glass carafe
  • Fully programmable with backlit LCD display
  • Window to water reservoir allows for accurate filling
  • Auto shut-off function on hot plate


Bottom line, why I was standing there in the store? The Mr. Coffee EJX36 coffee maker just looked awesome. And it met my two requirements (fully programmable, and auto shut-off on the hot-plate). And at forty bucks, it was way less than the couple hundred I’d budgeted and expected to spend. Score all around, right? That wasn’t all, though–I didn’t realize how serious a score I was making until I got the Mr. Coffee EJX36 coffee maker home, unpacked it, and actually began to take note of the rest of its functions. Oh yeah–there’s more. My two-item list of necessary features is just the tip of the iceberg on this one.

First big surprise: the Mr. Coffee EJX36 coffee maker cleans itself! No joke! I didn’t even know coffee makers could do that (or it would have been on my requirements-list for sure), but come to find out, one of the buttons on the groovy-looking silver circle of programming options is the “cleaning cycle.” There’s a special cleaning solution made by the company, but I’ve also run this cycle just with vinegar, and it’s easy as can be: pour in the vinegar or cleaning solution, have the carafe and permanent filter in place just like usual, take out the water filter disk, and press the button for self-cleaning. Presto!

More Features:

  • Pause and pour function allows user to remove carafe while machine is brewing
  • Self-cleaning cycle
  • Brew strength selector
  • Built-in power cord storage
  • Built-in water filtration

And yes, you read that last bit correctly–the Mr. Coffee EJX36 coffee maker also has a water filter, so my coffee never has the mineral “additives” or funny tastes that used to lead me to use bottled water for my coffee-making. Score again! I have to laugh, now, at my two-item requirement list, when compared to the much longer list of things I think are great about this machine. The programming is straightforward, the hotplate shuts itself off, I can pull out the carafe and pour a cup even while it’s still brewing, the carafe doesn’t dribble when I pour, the permanent filter means I don’t have to mess around with paper ones, and I can even choose how strong I want the coffee brewed.

And of course, there’s the feature that caught my attention in the first place: that shiny rich red Mr. Coffee EJX36 coffee maker looks awesome on my counter. Welcome to the bachelor pad–would you like a cup of coffee?

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