Mr. Coffee Coffee Machines

Mr. Coffee Coffee Machines

Mr. Coffee is easily the best known name in the world of automatic drip coffee makers. Founded by North American Systems founders Vincent Marotta and Samuel Glazer in 1972, the Mr. Coffee team introduced the first automatic drip coffee maker for the home kitchen to the United States market. Within months, the Mr. Coffee was an ubiquitous presence on counter tops around the country. In just three years, Mr. Coffee coffee makers were the best-selling coffee maker of any type in the United States.

That year, 1975, was also the year that Mr. Coffee introduced its first ancillary product – a product that may be almost as well-known as the Mr. Coffee coffee maker itself – Mr. Coffee coffee filters.

Mr. Coffee became a household name overnight, but the company worked hard to maintain its first place position among automatic coffee makers. The research and development team is ever responsive to consumer demand. In 1977, faced with a coffee shortage thanks to a poor harvest and weather conditions that wiped out crops throughout Southeast Asia, Mr. Coffee introduced a coffee saver system that made the same amount of coffee from smaller amounts of ground coffee. In 1980, responding to new technology and consumer desire, Mr. Coffee introduced a programmable coffee maker that could be set the night before to start your coffee in the morning so that you awaken to the tantalizing aroma of brewing coffee. Just a few years later, Mr. Coffee introduced a feature that has become the single most desired feature in any automatic drip coffee machine – the pause and serve feature, which stops the coffee drip if the pot is removed from beneath the spout, thus allowing impatient coffee lovers to grab a cup of coffee before the pot is done brewing. Not that coffee lovers hadn’t been doing that for years anyway, but the Pause and Serve feature eliminated the need for the complex mug-and-carafe switch that often left consumers with scalded hands or a messy warmer plate to clean up.

Not content with taking over the market for automatic coffee makers, Mr. Coffee turned its attention to tea in the late 1980s. In 1989, Mr. Coffee introduced the first Iced Tea Maker in the U.S., which is still the best-selling iced tea maker in the country. In 1995, the company gave Mr. Coffee a spouse – Mrs. Tea, a hot tea maker that is a favorite of hot tea connoisseurs worldwide.

At about the same time, Mr. Coffee had decided to enter the espresso market. The company’s first entry into the espresso machine market was the ECM1, an electric steam moka pot introduced the same year as the Iced Tea Maker. Perhaps the company got their machines crossed somewhere along the line. The reviews from the espresso community for the ECM1 Mr. Coffee espresso machine were uniformly bad. The Mr. Coffee team, ever affable, took the bad reviews in stride and returned to the drawing board. The Mr. Coffee designers turned their efforts to producing a consumer-friendly espresso machine for the American low-end market – and succeeded. Today, Mr. Coffee’s espresso machines line includes combination espresso machine/automatic drip coffee maker combinations as well as pump driven espresso and cappuccino makers.

Ever in search of innovations to please the Mr. Coffee market, the company stepped into another segment of the automatic coffee market in 2005 with the introduction of the Mr. Coffee Pod Coffee Maker. That same year, Mr. Coffee introduced its own brand of coffee made for use in Mr. Coffee coffee machines.

While Mr. Coffee is often looked upon with disdain by the more “sophisticated” coffee connoisseurs, Mr. Coffee is still the most recognized name in the U.S. coffee machine market. Mr. Coffee coffee makers have sat on more kitchen counters worldwide than half a dozen other coffee maker companied combined.

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