Make Great Flavors with the Mr.Coffee CGX20-NP Programmable Coffee Maker

The Mr.Coffee CGX20-NP is just one of many coffee makers I have owned over the years and it is worthy of a good review because of the great value it offers. There are many features that make it my favorite machine among the others I have owned so far including easy operations and a nice capacity that is enough for my family and visitors. The Mr.Coffee CGX20-NP is priced extremely low considering the wide array of benefits it offers.

Mr.Coffee CGX20-NP Programmable Coffee Maker

Mr.Coffee CGX20-NP Features

  • Sufficient capacity of 12 cups
  • Automatic shutoff mechanism
  • Programmable timer up to 24 hours
  • Dual water level window
  • Unique pause and brew option


I am pleased with the basic features available on the Mr.Coffee CGX20-NP coffee maker mostly because of the programmable timer. For up to 24 hours before the actual brew, you can set when the process will begin. I simply preset the machine the night before and wake up to fresh and aromatic coffee. Even if the process only takes a few minutes, having the option to preset a brew to start is a great benefit.

Another feature of the Mr.Coffee CGX20-NP is the dual water level window which makes refilling easy and eliminates the need to peer over the unit in order to see how much water is left. This coffee maker also offers a pause a brew option and allows me to pour a cup before the entire 12 cups are completed. This is helpful when I invite 12 people over for dinner but a few more show up so I can pour exactly what I need for the extra guests.

Additional Benefits of the Mr.Coffee CGX20-NP

  • Keeps coffee warm for up to 2 hours
  • Removable filter basket for easy access
  • Cord storage to allow more counter space
  • Removable flow tube and dispenser

When brewing with the Mr.Coffee CGX20-NP, there is assurance that the coffee will stay fresh and warm for up to 2 hours. This is especially helpful when I have guests over the house and want to have an extra brew ready in order to maximize the time I spend with my friends and family. It is also attractive and a space saver to have a little nook for storing the cord when I am finished brewing. The unit is fairly compact as it is but fits perfectly in the corner when not in use.

Having the Mr.Coffee CGX20-NP is also a benefit because it is easy to clean and is preferred by most coffee drinkers who use their machines on a frequent basis. The flow tube and dispenser are prone to stains or residue but on this model these parts are removable which makes significantly minimizes maintenance. Even after using this coffee maker everyday and while hosting parties, there is no headache at all when cleaning.

Why the Mr.Coffee CGX20-NP Beats the Competition

The Mr.Coffee CGX20-NP ranks high compared to the competition because it has more features than you would expect for the price. This coffee maker is easy to clean with removable flow tube and dispenser. There is also plenty of convenient features like cord storage and a programmable timer which make a big difference when using it on a daily basis.

This espresso maker is half the price of expensive models but offers keeps the brew fresh for up to 2 hours and also turns off automatically. There is no compromise in taste and absolutely no burnt flavors or hint of bitterness. The Mr.Coffee CGX20-NP is ideal for daily use in the home but can also accommodate large parties of without a lapse in service.

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