High Quality, Low Price: Mr. Coffee CG13 Coffee Maker

When I first moved into the college dorm my dad took me shopping for what he considered the “essentials” for campus life: a few organizers to maximize my cramped dorm-space, a mace spray for walking to night classes, and the Mr. Coffee CG13 coffee maker. I think he realized that without Mom there to roust me out of bed every day, I’d never make it to my morning classes if I didn’t install a coffee maker right next to my bed. And “right next to my bed” is exactly where it went—partly due to the room’s limited space, but mostly because I discovered the joys of pouring my first cup of coffee before I even got out of bed!

I’d just reach over and press the “on” button of the coffee machine at the same time as the “snooze” button on my alarm, and my brew would be ready by the time the alarm gave its second performance. That little machine, inexpensive as it was, stuck it out with me until graduation, including some pretty intensive use around Final Exam weeks. And when it finally gave up the ghost, having lasted years past its warranty, you’ll never guess what I did. I went out and bought another, exactly the same.

Mr. Coffee CG13 12-Cup Switch Coffee Machine

Mr. Coffee CG13 coffee maker product feature:

  • Removable filter basket for quick and easy cleaning and filling
  • Pause and Pour feature allows you to pour without mess while the machine brews
  • Water window indicates the reservoir’s water level
  • Built-in cord storage keep countertops tidy
  • Overflow protection drain


One feature of the Mr. Coffee CG13 coffee maker that caught me off guard the first time I (accidentally) discovered it was the set of clever little drain holes in the back of the unit that prevent you from unintentionally overfilling it. Now that I know they’re there, it seems like a smart feature—and my “discovery” of them wouldn’t have been a big deal if the coffee maker had been on a kitchen counter instead of my dorm desk. But it’s a mistake you don’t make more than once, and (given the fact that I never flooded my desk again) it’s clearly an effective method to ensure that you’ll follow the safety recommendations! The other trick I learned with my coffee maker was to open the top slowly when the machine has been brewing or heating, because steam condensed on the underside of the lid can run out the back if you flip it open too quickly. Usually it wasn’t a problem anyway, because I’d only open the top when I was prepping the next morning’s coffee at the end of the day, long after that day’s pot had been brewed and consumed.

Actually, when it comes to safety recommendations, I have to confess I’m one of those people who never reads the directions for a product(You guessed that already—it’s why I didn’t know those drain holes were there). But having admitted that, I can go on to say that the Mr. Coffee CG13 coffee maker is a product for which you don’t need to read the operational directions. It’s truly that intuitive and easy to use. The filter basket lifts out so you can dump out the old grounds and fill it with fresh, the clear window on the side makes it easy to see the water level as you fill, and then there’s nothing left to do but press “On” when you want it to start up.

If a graduate receiving a diploma got to give a “thank-you” speech like the award recipients at the Oscars, the Mr. Coffee CG13 coffee maker would have gotten top billing when I graduated. My roommate named it, we covered it in five years’ worth of stickers, and it was practically a third roommate for our college years. It was the roommate that could get the other two out of bed and to class on time.

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