Michael Graves Design Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

“Perfect for Coffee Lovers with Daring Taste Buds”

Another innovation has been created for the world of coffee-lovers again. The stylish and unique Michael Graves Design® Automatic Drip Coffee Maker has everything you need in order for you to produce that cup of coffee that you always want. Equipped with the design of a renowned product designer Michael Graves, this perfect piece of machinery is considered as chic and functional. Available in two colors, the Michael Graves Design® Automatic Drip Coffee Maker has a pause and serve feature which will prevent the user from spilling their most precious drop of coffee from the machine.

Michael Graves Design® Automatic Drip Coffee maker

The Michael Graves Design® Automatic Drip Coffee Maker also has a FlavorPlus cycle. This feature enables the coffee lovers to enjoy a stronger taste for their coffee whenever they want to experience a more distinctive taste. Another rave for this product is its push-button controls which are very easy to operate. One does not have to figure out how to manipulate the controls of the Michael Graves Design® Automatic Drip Coffee Maker.

To add up to the innovation of this product, the Michael Graves Design® Automatic Drip Coffee Maker also has a large digital display, also made for easy control. The product also includes a removable water reservoir is easy to remove for cleaning. Because of this, there is no space for residue that may build up in the cup that the users may find difficult to clean.

The customers have also been ranting about the Michael Graves Design® Automatic Drip Coffee Maker because the machine is certified not to have drips or leaks when pouring the coffee to their favorite mugs. The Michael Graves Design® Automatic Drip Coffee Maker also comes in two colors which everyone loves.
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For the one who love a classic and sleek design, then the black one is right for you. If you want to have an appliance with a lighter hue which will complement your kitchen, then, the white model is also available.

This product is truly considered as a gem in your own kitchen or workplace, if you are the type who would want to have a cup or coffee because it produces a quality-flavored coffee at every sip.

Problems encountered with the Michael Graves Design® Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

Perhaps the only thing that consumers may complain about the Michael Graves Design® Automatic Drip Coffee Maker is that its filter basket holder cannot be detached from the machine itself. The holder can only be cleaned by wiping it out. But all in all, the Michael Graves Design® Automatic Drip Coffee Maker is a favorite product of coffee lovers.



  1. I bought this coffee maker over two years ago and used it for about a month. I could not keep it from dripping when I removed the canister for that first cup while it was still brewing. The teflon wore off the hot plate part and I could not tell it was any better than the cheapest “Mr. Coffee” that I went back to. Don’t waste your money on it

  2. July, 2012– I live in Indiana and I can’t find a store that sells the michael graves automatic drip coffee maker. Can you tell me who sells them ? Are they under another company name or no longer made ? I really would appreciate your help.

  3. We love this coffee maker a lot. We love so many features about it. OUr filter basket does come out, so we must have a newer model. The Lid to the Pot broke when it was dropped, which makes pouring and brewing a challenge. is there a way to order a new lid?

  4. I have had my coffee maker for about a year and a half. It works great except that I still haven’t figured out how to set the timer accurately. I use a paper filter in the basket and everything works quite well. I ran vinegar water thru it once because my water has mineral issues, but so far, it’s working beautifully. Can anybody tell me how to set the timer (can’t find my manual)? I thought I set it last night but when I woke up, it had brewed and cooled completely and I never heard it brewing. No clue!! It doesn’t overheat the coffee so it never gets that ‘burned’ taste that so many do when they sit too long. Turns off on it’s own after 2 hours if you don’t do it manually. Love it!!

  5. I am very disappointed in this coffee maker. We too purchased it after all the rave reviews in Consumer Reports. We’ve had it for about 6 months, and while it does make a good cup of coffee, the warming plate started rusting within the first month. And the worst thing about the coffee pot is that if the glass carafe is precisely, and I mean precisely lined up, the water will run down around the outsides of the carafe and overfill inside the filter basket making a HUGE mess everywhere. Maybe we just got a lemon?

  6. I have had mine for several weeks now and the water doesn’t seem to go all the way thru the grounds…….when I take out the filter, it makes a mess. And yes, it does occasionally drip when I take the pot off of the heating element.

  7. I bought my Michael Graves coffee pot about a year ago after the rave reviews from Consumer Reports and they have never steered me wrong. This is by far the best coffee pot I have ever used. The coffee is extremely hot when it’s done brewing and doesn’t taste like hot water has been poured over one bean of coffee like some coffee makers I have had. Great product!!!!!

  8. After good reviews from Consumer Reports, I purchased this machine. Used it three times and returned it. It leaked water on the counter top, didn’t keep coffee hot and I had to use the flavor button, plus twice the amount of coffee grounds that I use with current coffee maker to get a reasonably strong cup of coffee. Cord is too short and it is difficult to pour the last bit of coffee from pot due to the way it is designed. And if you try to get a cup of coffee before it is through brewing, it leaks coffee onto the warming pad. The Braun coffee pot I currently have is a much superior coffee maker that costs less. Would not recommend purchase of this machine.

  9. I love my Michael Graves coffee maker except for one thing. As the water container is almost empty the container starts steaming excessively at the top. I have to pull it out from underneath my cabinets because it is going to totally rot the wood eventually if I don’t. Has anyone else had this problem”??

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