Melitta MES1R One Single Serve Coffee Maker

I purchased Melitta MES1R One Single Serve Coffee Maker from the to replace the old coffee maker that I have been using. I discovered that this new coffee maker makes coffee brewing customized and spill-free. The features are great. They are suited for my lifestyle.

Melitta MES1R One Single Serve Coffee Maker

This coffee maker is suited for me because this allows me to choose the flavor or blend of coffee that I want each time I brew. I usually try a lot of different blends of coffee from cappuccino to white mocha. At night, I drink green tea mint flavor or I try other flavored teas. With its one cup POD coffee system, brewing goes directly to my coffee cup, so I only have to wait in less than a minute and get my deliciously brewed coffee directly from my mug. No need of pouring; so, no spills.

Melitta MES1R One Single Serve Coffee Maker has a 28-ounce removable water tank.

It can fill up to three mugs of coffee. With its 2.2 bar steam pump, it produces a rich and deliciously tasting coffee which is always fresh and well-seasoned and not burnt. The taste reminds me of the coffee at Starbucks. So, even though I’m at home, it feels as if I’m in a café. This coffee maker can make 8-ounce American Style or one 5-ounce European style coffee cup.

You can also choose from six Melitta Gourmet roast Java-Pods and three Melitta Teapods. They’re all foil-wrapped and nitrogen-flushed. These will ensure your brewed coffee inside remains fresh and hot and ready to serve.

I do not have to go to Starbucks, when I can sit down and relax at home sipping a blend or flavor of coffee or tea that I like best.

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