Melitta 40791 Espresso Maker Makes Pleasant Mornings Easy

The Melitta 40791 espresso maker has earned the first place in my book because each morning is much more pleasant and aromatic. Priced at about half as much as countless other similar machines, this product offers many benefits that are basic and unique. Since trying the Melitta 40791 months ago, I have not had to waste money paying high prices at a café. This espresso maker is easy to use and a great addition to the kitchen.

Melitta 40791 Espresso Maker

Product Features

  • Compact and small in size
  • Black housing with silver accents
  • Compatible with easy serve pods or espresso grounds
  • Powerfully fast with pressure of 15-bar Italian pump
  • Froth milk with built-in wand


The Melitta 40791 is compact in size and comes in a black housing decorated with silver accents. It takes up less than half the space of my old model and is obviously more durable. The sophisticated design and classic color makes it a decorative item in my kitchen unlike other appliances I have on my counter. The brewing process is surprisingly fast without any issues with flavor so this is probably because of the powerful 15-bar Italian pump.

An accommodating feature about the Melitta 40791 espresso machine is that it takes easy serve pods so I can change to different flavors when I get bored with one. But this amazing machine also takes grounds so you can choose whichever you have lying around the house. For an avid drinker like me, having both is the best whether you want to offer more options when hosting a party or need a more variety for yourself.

I used to purchase store-bought espresso all the time because of the froth that sits perfectly on top. My impression was that only professional and commercial grade machines have this feature but to my surprise, the Melitta 40791 is built with a frothing wand. This was the last thing I expected but has easily become my favorite feature about this espresso machine.

Features for Convenience

  • No assembly required
  • Easy slick and lock filter holder
  • Removable water reservoir
  • Heats water fast for multiple purposes

Aside from the appeal and function of the Melitta 40791, there are also bonus features that make it all the more convenient to use and clean. Right out of the box, this espresso machine is ready to use because there is absolutely no assembly required and no complicated manuals to comprehend. My older model required almost an hour just to figure out how to put the machine together.

Another factor of convenience is the removable water reservoir which completely eliminates the process of having to refill with a cup. I also use my Melitta 40791 to heat up water when I am making instant soup or noodles. This is an extremely handy feature and essentially doubles as a water boiler.

Most espresso machines cost a lot of money but do not have simple features like a filter that is easy to handle. The Melitta 40791 is integrated with a slick and lock filter holder to prevent a mess inside the machine. The higher end model that broke before I purchased this product had a filter that would constantly shake during the powerful brewing process which caused significant leaking.

How the Melitta 40791 Can Be Perfect for You

The Melitta 40791 is not only an espresso machine but it also froths milk and keeps hot water readily available. There is also convenient use with this product with a detachable water tank and no setup required. Even coffee drinkers who want variety can benefit from the Melitta 40791 because you can use pods or grounds of your choice.

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